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  • Mhary : 100% recommended site https://soamonitor.com/rollercoin-com-review/
  • Mhary : New received Payment from https://soamonitor.com/profminer-biz-review-scam-or-paying/
  • aayafi : 1 Bitcoin equals 18,636.60 United States Dollar
  • aayafi : More than 10$ this week from PTP in legit PTC sites..
  • vipearn : An analysis made especially for the VIP users of soamonitor, read here: https://soamonitor.com/are-the-hyip-sites-profitable-in-general/
  • vipearn : Is the worst time to invest coming? Or is it just a myth?
  • vipearn : A new stable economic game launches delay.biz! I guess it's from the owners of drift and fermagg. From 10% to 35% per month! If it stays like their previous projects it will be a good deal! https://soamonitor.com/new-paid-games/
  • aayafi : Nice changes to the main page !!
  • vipearn : SolidTradeBank is removing Payeer payment processor. they are working on ability to change payeer account balance to PerfectMoney so you can withdraw via PerfectMoney. This is happening due to Payeer not allowing investment sites to use their services.
  • Mhary : Yes, the site doesn't even open
  • vipearn : We have information that CashMix.io will start pays again today, but still no one have rported received payment!
  • YusArmali : Ad-Country continue pays today, but the requested payment from yesterday yet missing and not processed!
  • The Admin : CashMix.io stopped paying! Everyone is at a loss, even the first investors.