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Ad Country Review – SCAM or PAYING?

Ad-country is NOT Paying SCAM!

This is the review a new revenue share project Ad country (Ad-country.com).

Here is short info about what Ad country offers:
Official start: 15.10.2020
Ad Packs  cost: $1 each and brings 3,5% each day (Mon-Sun). 70% of that you get in balance and 30% goes to Priviliege wallet (used to re-purchase Ad Packs). You receive 3,5% for each active Ad Pack for 40 days until a total of 140% is received. To receive daily earnings, you need to surf 12 Bonus Ads each day!

Investment period: 40 days (until a total of 140% is gained per each ad pack).
Minimum Deposit amount: from $1
Minimum Withdrawal: from $5
Withdrawal: Manual

Payment Processors: Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Referral Commissions: 7%-2%-1%

You may have come across many sites on the internet promising you quick fortunes. But the truth is that the majority of them turn out to be scams.

In this review,  we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help you make the proper decision.

What does this post contain:

What is Ad country?

Is Ad country a Scam or Legitimate site?

My opinion about Ad country

What is Ad country?

Ad country is a new Revenue-Share project.

It is an advertising platform with different advertising options such as: Login ads, PTC ads, Banner ads. The revenue they create with advertising, is shared among members with active Ad Packs. The project is well organized and with 30% mandatory re-purchase, it has a solid base to work long time.

If you don’t know what a Revenue Share project is, be sure to read the article here: What is RevShare (Revenue Share) Site?

Ad Country Review

Revenue sharing is a somewhat flexible concept that involves sharing operating profits or losses among associated financial actors.

Ad country has a channel in telegram you can check it here: Telegram channel

Pros👍 and Cons👎 Is it worth it to work with Ad country?

👍 Pros:

  1. Ad country has a unique design and a CUSTOM Script.
  2. The site has  social channels where you can see other people’s opinions.
  3. Ad country is heavily promoted.
  4. Low Ad Pack price ($1),  which means members can re-invest quite often and grow their account fast.
  5. With mandatory re-purchase rule (30%) the admin has assured that the project is stable and long term.
  6. Quite a good referral program that pays a high commission. 
  7. Fast and kind customer support.


  1. The project does not disclose how exactly they profit. Only from advertising. If they invest in other projects, that information is not available to members.
  2. Mandatory surfing (12 ads) if you want to make profit the next day.
  3. Advertising seems to be only on the site itself (no outside advertising was discovered), so members only advertise among themselves. The results of such advertising are questionable.
  4. Quite high returns that are absolutely unrealistic. Which means that over 80% of the income is paid by new investors! in 2 words it largely works on a ponzi scheme!
  5. Not mobile friendly.

Can I make money with Ad country?

Yes, you have a chance to make money with Ad country, but a large part of the people who invest in such sites lose their money, because these are ponzi schemes that are unstable!. 

These sites are like gambling with the only difference that the odds here are better.
Maybe that’s why the vast majority of people continue to invest in sites like Ad country. The people who most often earn with these sites are the first investors.

Ad country is SCAM or LEGIT?

Ad country’s business model is revenue share. By default this is not ponzi, but only if the admin shares actual profits. If the profits are shared from the purchases of other members, then this is a ponzi scheme and even with re-purchase rule, it cannot work longer than few years depending on the daily returns. 

It is hard to believe that profits of 1% per day can be generated only with internal advertising. 

Here is My opinion about Ad country based on my experience in such sites!

I have personally invested $200 in Ad country. In the comments below I will share my payments received and my total net profit, hopefully making a good profit.

I think that the Ad country will pay for at least several months in my opinion, the mandatory re-purchase of 30% makes the project viable for long term. So if you like the risk followed by big profits you can join Ad country through my link and get 4% of your deposit back to you.

Currently, Ad country can pay its investors but for sure this will not be indefinitelly. So NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to lose! 

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