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Glad to welcome you on SOA Monitor! If you came to our resource, it means that you are interested in the issue of investments.  

Here you will find everything you need to get started, last news, trusted info the best strategies, to become a successful investor.

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If you are completely new to investing, but want to learn more, be sure to read the section “Beginners“.

The first investment steps can be quite difficult, and no awareness will protect you of lossing money! – Only the experience gained, both positive and negative, will definitely help on your way to success.

At the same time, your investment path may become easier if you join our VIP team!

Preparing theoretically, you can familiarize yourself with the best projects that I select in my portfolio, for this there is a sections Top projects🔥.

There is a lot of useful materials on SOA Monitor, but the key is in the analysis and provision of an objective assessment of various investment instruments.

For the VIP team who regularly join projects through our referral links, there is a confidential section. “Inside” ✨, in which I share unique information about projects and their creators. All this will help you in making a competent investment.

In addition to all, SOA monitor offers its VIP partners:

RCB form 50-100% (Referral Commissions Back) 💵
Activity contests 🎁 on the forum and reposts in the social network Facebook with cash prizes for the winners.
Protection of project contributions from the section “Insurance”
Objective reviews and insider information.
Free investment portfolio💼
Landing Page Creator.
Motivation for success.
Special VIP Telegram group.

And other surprises that are only available inside!

Together with the VIP team✨ your investments will be successful, and the profits from the projects will be stable! Be sure to follow the monitor updates, subscribe to our channels – then you will definitely be aware of all the important events.

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