Review - Is Scam or Legit? - SOA Monitor Review – Is Scam or Legit?

In this post, I’m going to make review of Betterbits (

Official start on 2016-10-23

Investment Plans: from changeable 1%  per day.

Investment period: 130+ days

Minimum Deposit amount: from $10 USD.

Minimum withdrawal amount:  $10 USD max $100 USD.

Payment Processors: Bitcoin, ETH, LTC

Withdrawal: manual (up to 168 hours) 1 time per month!

Referral Commissions: 3%-2%-1%

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Our RCB: 60%  Request RCB 👉HERE👈


What is is a NEW Revshare (Revenue Share) online and Paying from 2016-10-23

You can read here: “What is Revshare (Revenue Share) site?

The owner invests the money in other programs and shares the revenue with his members.

So far, the site has been stable and paying for more than 3 years.

Ways To Make Money With is an advertising platform where members can earn money by viewing PTC ads.

Members can also earn money when they buy our profit sharing advertisement packs.

Ad Pack Profit Sharing Percentages:

When You Purchase These Profit Sharing Ad Packs You Not Only Receive Advertsing Credits
That You Can Use To Promote Your Products And Services,
But You Will Also Receive A Share Of The Daily Company Earnings!

The Following Ad Credits Are Included In Your $10 Ad Pack:
1000 PTC Credits (Upon Purchase)
About 1% A Day For 130+ Days = 130% ROI Max total active packs 100

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15 thoughts on “ Review – Is Scam or Legit?”

  1. Melding van
    Brandon Selby op de Facebook groep van
    All withdraws are now free from fees! Including bitcoin, PAS, and Vitae!Now let’s make it a Bit Better by placing your testimonial in a place so your future downline can understand what they are getting themselves into ( hint: look at our front page)

    1. Posted by: @voltagetherealone
      I think i will give this a try soon just have to wait until i have some crypto again from other paying sites. I want to stop investing from my bank account now it is time to get my money back.
      I think this site is good because it is paying for a long time now,

      This project worth it and you are calm about your investment. Because you will surely make a profit. 

    1. @gandhibhavinbgmail-com
      I think you you’re completly right. It might not be the best earner, but it is 100% real or legit (as some people say), this is 100% NOT PONZI, but true revenue share and it just keeps on giving, and giving, and giving, and giving… 😍 
      Because of the COVID crisit the team implemented a temporary cap on withdrawals, so my withdraw this week is smaller, but I still like it, because I trust the admin and I know he is honest person who will not scam members of this project. Long live Better Bits Club!
      Received payment from BBC – $13,39 –

    1. @bhavin19
      Since Admin of Better Bits Club is also a fellow earner and member at SOA monitor forum, perhaps he will repospond to you 😊 
      But since Better Bits Club is all about various crypto endeavours I really don’t think Brandon will strive to implement FIAT payments into it.
      Sadly the earnings in the last week dropped from previously about 1% to 2% per week to an all time low of 0,252% in the week of March 16th.
      Let’s hope the project will regain the earnings and work out for many years! 
      Go Brandon Go!

    2. Posted by: @gandhibhavinbgmail-com
      Hope admin should have added payeer as payment processor also as it is widely used and BTC is fluctualting currently

      We accept payeer via private message, 
      ultimately we are focused on Crypto, 
      Especially Bitcoin! 
      keep in mind that you can only withdraw via Bitcoin, Passive Coin, and Vitae.
      ~ exciting news today, withdraws are now fee Free! 
      While the whole Covid thing has effects most of the world, it effects BBC as well. so we had to tighten up for a while but over the past month we have removed all the restrictions I think. 

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