Review of Is scam or paying?

Below you can find information about Brave ( and its management

stable version of is online since 11/13/2019

Payment Currency: BAT (1BAT=0,032$) at the moment 28/07/2020

Payments: Every month to Uphold

Available for mobile and PC

referred: to refer you must register at and add a social network

minimum payment: There is no minimum payment, every month what you have is withdrawn to your uphold account.


Brave is a Chromium based Browser, created by the company Brave Software, which pays its users to use it, this through various ads.

You can join Brave here 👉 JOIN NOW

Steps to start earning:

1) Go to the three lines located in the upper right corner of your browser and go to “Brave Rewards”


2) You must activate brave rewards and ads


3) press the icon with three stripes and put 5 ads per hour



4) disable “automatic contribution”


Finally associate your uphold account

Is scam or legit?

Not only in my opinion but in my experience, this browser is paying, although lately the ads have decreased and some users assure that they no longer receive ads, payments are still on time to uphold without any inconvenience

And remember…
Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as an endorsement of any of the mentioned services. Do your own research before considering investing any fund. You should never make an investment in any online program if you don’t know what you are doing.

17 thoughts on “ Reviews – SCAM or LEGIT?”

  1. Dear Creator,
    Today, as of November 24, 2020, the Brave Referral Program has ended. Details about the sunsetting of the program were originally announced here
    Over the last 3 years we have been immensely grateful and humbled that so many Creators participated in the program. Your support helped drive Brave to over 20M monthly active users, building momentum towards a web that respects users’ privacy.  
    On November 9th, 2020, we began to wind-down the current Referral Program. 
    Now that it has ended, what does this mean for first opens, confirmations, and payouts?
    – Starting today, November 24th, referrals (first opens) driven by referrers are no longer eligible for payout.
    – Brave will pay out on confirmations that occur before December 24th. A confirmation is a 30 day active user of Brave.
    – Final payments for December confirmations will be made in early January 2021.
    Thank you for supporting Brave on this journey. We are immensely grateful. To all our referrers, please double-check your Brave promotions, as referrals made after November 24th will not be paid out.
    For further information, please see this community thread.
    Thanks again for your support.

  2. How do you earn from brave? I mean tricks to earn from brave! . Hopefully it is not stealing our personal data to give rewards.

    1. @gandhibhavinbgmail-com
      There are no tricks (that I know of) unfortunately the ads are no longer appearing, last month I received a few but this month, not one.
      Those who are charging will be because they have a referral

  3. Anyone got payment from brave? If yes then share payment proof and how much time it takes to earn that amount?

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