Review of Is scam or paying?


In this post, I’m going to make a review of buxsurveys (

Here is a summary of the most important information that most people are interested when looking for more info about is online Since: 03/07/2020

Pay per own click: upto $0.004

Pay per ref click: upto $0.005

Payment Processors: Airtm ,  Neteller , Bitcoin, Skrill , Perfectmoney , Payeer ,  and Coin2send

Minimum Withdrawal: $2 then 4$ then 6$

Rental referrals begin from 0.05$ that gives you 1 rented referral for a month..

Require you to click 4 ads daily to earn from your referrals clicks the next day.

What is is a new “Paid To Click Site” where you can make money from your activity and mainly by viewing ads.

Here are all the possible ways which offers their users to make money:

1 – View Ads

2 – Direct Referrals

3 – Rent Referrals

4 – ClixGrid

5 – OfferWalls

6 – Tasks

7 – Promote your reflik and get referrals and earn like a PTP.

If you do not know what a PTC site is, you can read in detail here: “What is PTC site?

Is Scam or Legit?

It is a new site but it is a sister of successful paying site clixtoyou

Bbuxsurveys uses a licensed version of evolution script.

My opinion about

I do not suggest working in a PTC with an upgraded account before making sure that it has paid more than 100 payments.

So if you want to invest remember to invest what you can afford to lose!

A note: this site requires 100 offerwalls clicks to be able to request a payout and it is not a big deal

Another note: when renting referrals as a free user you have to keep money in your purchase balance and to turn the auto pay on for your referrals to be profitable.

Finally it is better to use it a s an upgraded user:


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Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

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17 thoughts on “ Reviews – SCAM or PAYING?”

  1. traveling days 
    From Day 17th to 25th Of July ,
    The Admin will be on traveling.
    For security reasons , payments will be on pending mode on this days.
    Payments will restart on day 25/26 of July.
    All tickets and support will be active, and will be solved by our staff.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Best regards

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  3. Rented referrals daysHello,
    From day 4st June To 4 of July, enjoy Our rented referrals price with double margin of profit.
    acess earnupline here
    Standard members 14% profit margin,before was 7%
    -> 100 Rented referrals 10.578$
    Upgrade members 24% profit margin, before was 12%
    -> 100 Rented referrals 9.348$
    It Means on this period rented referrals are more cheap.
    And the profit is design to give 14% and 24% acording your membership.
    Best regards

  4. PAYEER®
    Payment Received
    + 6.12 USD
    Date:12.06.2021 19:38:25 (UTC+3)ID:1426620231Details:P1008062799 → P81695045Comment:Amount: 6.12 USD
    Buxsurveys Payment

  5. PAYEER®
    Payment Received
    + 9.60 USD
    Date:29.03.2021 16:32:30 (UTC+3)ID:1354087305Details:P1008062799 → P81695045Comment:Amount: 9.60 USD
    Buxsurveys Payment

  6. Hello,

    Cashout Points rule is on Buxsurveys :

    Hot it Works ?

    – 100 cashout Points are requested every time, that you as Standard Member make a Withdraw Request.

    – After We process your withdraw Request, 100 cashout points will be deducted .

    – To Earn Those Cashout points is Easy.

    – Earn one Cashout point For each Ptc ad from Offerwalls.

    – Earn 25 cashout points For each Survey completed.

    You Can see the amount of cashouts that you have Here :

    Best regards

    Buxsurveys & Clixtoyou
    admin« Last Edit: Jul 23rd, 2020 at 23:52 by Admin »

  7. Admins news:
    Adscendmedia videosHello,
    Try it now a fun way to earn money on Buxsurveys.
    We have enable adscendmedia videos .
    Watch videos and earn money .
    Do not forget to sign up on hideout TV redeem your earnings to buxsurveys
    Best regards

  8. From clicktoyou to buxsurveys.
    Well, I think participants should trust the admin. It’s not by chance that their other website is online since 2019 and never missed a payment.

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