Review of CLONER 

Today I will review the investment project CLONER ( Please read the full review before joining CLONER . I will try to answer any questions you may be asking about CLONER , what has to offer, how it works, what you have to be aware of etc.

What is CLONER?

CLONER is is a new high-risk investment project (HYIP) which offers a quick returns.  
99% of the HYIP projects pays the new investors from the first ones.

You can read in detail what a HYIP project is here.

Summary of the project CLONER

Website – www.cloner.ccLaunch Date: 30/jul/2021
👥 Aff. Program – 5%  – 2% – 1%

Plans: 4% – 6% daily until 220% profit

💵 Min Deposit –  $30 PM; 50 USDT; 0.002 BTC; 0.05 ETH; 0.2 LTC; 200 DOGE; 0.2 DASH; 500 TRX;RCB – 100% for VIP members!
💰 Min Cashout – $1🛡 Insurance – NO!
Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Tron⏳ Payments Type – INSTANT



CLONER Pros and Cons


  • Unique script and unique design!
  • Stable investment plans!
  • Experienced team!
  • Social Media Channels!
  • Passive income!
  • EV SSL


  • The site is HYIP!
  • There is no guarantee that you will make money if you invest!
  • One day can stop pays without warning!


Is it worth investing in CLONER?

There is an experienced and rich team behind the CLONER project. unique template , unique Scrypt and above all EV SSL. I think this project will pay at least 30 days. I did not have the opportunity to meet the team, but I can feel that they are experienced. I joined the project with $300. i hope i don’t regret it.

Below you can see information and statuses from other blogs and monitors, as well as deposits and withdrawals reported by them. widget for

8 thoughts on “ – Review SCAM or LEGIT?”

  1. Платит! 08.25.21 08:24 Account Receive +55.5 Received Payment 55.5 USD from account U28014287 to account U8239798. Batch: 414503864. Memo: API Payment. CLONER.CC WITHDRAWAL.

  2. Платит! 08.23.21 10:43 Account Receive +82.5 Received Payment 82.5 USD from account U28014287 to account U8239798. Batch: 414101430. Memo: API Payment. CLONER.

  3. Платит! 08.20.21 14:02 Account Receive +27.5 Received Payment 27.5 USD from account U28014287 to account U8239798. Batch: 413532256. Memo: API Payment. CLONER.

  4. Платит! 08.19.21 09:43 Account Receive +70.00 Received Payment 70.00 USD from account U28014287 to account U8239798. Batch: 413269140. Memo: API Payment. CLONER.

  5. Платит! 08.17.21 10:17 Account Receive +74.00 Received Payment 74.00 USD from account U28014287 to account U8239798. Batch: 412829754. Memo: API Payment. CLONER.CC WITHDRAWAL.

  6. Платит! 08.15.21 11:11 Account Receive +30.00 Received Payment 30.00 USD from account U28014287 to account U8239798. Batch: 412401825. Memo: API Payment. CLONER WITHDRAWAL.

  7. Депозит! 08.13.21 18:14 Account Transfer -500.00 Sent Payment: 500.00 USD to account U12456834 from U8239798. Batch: 412100811. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Order 8731375.

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