Close the sale

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Every day many people join our group, this is an opportunity to help this people join our team and get commissions for it.

Here are the secret rules you must follow and understand during the discussion for closing the sale.

  1. Understanding Rejection! Don’t worry about the rejections, on the contrary, find where is the mistake in the case learn from each rejection and improve. Rejection is that thing responsible for the death of more sales careers and entrepreneurs than probably anything else. How many
    times has someone said to me, “I can’t do sales because I don’t like rejection.” Every time I hear this from someone I think to myself, just living on planet earth is going to be problematic for that person. Your entire life you have experienced rejections and to be successful at sales or in business or just in life you better get your head wrapped around this topic.
  2. Get the customer to answer you with “yes” from the beginning! Ask the client such questions that he or she will have to answer with “yes”!
  3. Always Always Always Agree! No matter what the buyer says, states or demands, you should under no circumstance, ever disagree or make the buyer wrong. This simple strategy is very powerful and will save you lots of sales once you perfect it. The old saying, the customer is never wrong is not true. In fact, often the customer is wrong; sometimes they even lie, but that doesn’t mean you should call them out. When you tell someone you can’t, you won’t, you’re not allowed to or that’s impossible, you only cause this customer to become more dug in on their position and you make it more difficult to come to agreement. To have the same opinion about something; concur.
    “I completely agree with you!”
    “You are right.”
    “I have said the exact same thing.”
  4. Always Provide Options! People love options and you should always provide your buyer with options, even when it appears that your buyer is committed to what you have in front of them! When you offer a proposal, make sure you
    always give the buyer two other options on both sides of the target offer. One additional option should be something that would include less product or service that may or may not solve the customer’s communicated problem. The primary goal of doing this is to help the buyer see more value in the initial proposed solution.