Compensation Rules

In order to get compensation you need to follow this rules:

1 – You must be registered through soamonitor referral link!
2 – You need have requested, and received RCB from us!
3 – You should have posted the RCB received in the comments below the project review.
4 – Be sure to support the project in the comments, Publish comment “ABOUT GETTING RCB“, Share your DEPOSIT and PAYMENTS from the project.
5 – Follow the investment strategy! You have to follow the strategies posted in the VIP area. By following these strategies you can win in 90%+ of the cases! Some sites have an expiration date on the insurance! This means that if you lose money by a certain date you will receive compensation. But if you invest too late and loss money after this date you will be not able to get compensation.

Below you can read how correctly calculate the amount of losses.

After the project stop pays, it goes to a scam and the collection of applications for insurance payments is announced, you need to submit an application for compensation in your account.

[The maximum compensation for each VIP member is 50% from his deposit.] For example if you deposit $100 in a project, you can get $50 compensation if you loss! 
Below you will learn how to get it and how correctly calculate the amount of losses.

How to get compensation?
After the project stops making payments, and go to a scam, the collection of applications for compensation payments is announced, you need to submit an application for compensation in your account from the VIP area.
Carefully fill out an application for compensation, as requests with inaccurate, erroneous data will not be subject to consideration. All data on deposits and RCB will be checked, in the case of providing falsified information you will be denied payment of insurance.

How to calculate the loses?

Suppose you invested in a project 100$, you have received $5 RCB and managed to get out of it only +60$. This mean that your loss is $35. 35$ – it is on this part of your deposit that the insurance conditions apply.

If you have any inquiries, we’re here to answer you.

However, in the event that you made a reinvest of profit, then you cannot get insurance – the profit is not subject to insurance.

So to be able to understand the formula for calculating the amount of loses, and do not raise a lot of questions against this.
I will give an example:
Suppose you are registered in the X project by our referral link. If an insured event occurs and you file a claim for loses, then the insurance fund will be reimbursed with a deduction of profit – equal to your losses in the project.

For example, we have total insurance in the amount of 5000$ and there is insuranced project who stopped his work. 5 people invested in the project:
first introduced 300$
second – 200$
third – 200$
fourth – 200$
fifth – 100$
Thus, it turns out that the total amount of their deposits did not exceed the size of the insurance fund. In this case, each of the depositors will be able to fully recover the entire amount lost
the first investor cash out +200$
second – +100$
third – +100$
fourth – +100$
fifth – +100$
All will receive full compensation, except for the last participant, because he did not lose anything – he cash out exactly as much as he invested.

Terms and conditions for obtaining insurance
You must be our referral in a project for which compensation is requested.
Ordered a RCB on project X – apply for insurance on project X. Important! Did not order RCB – do not apply for insurance. If you have not requested a RCB on one of the deposits, this deposit is not subject to insurance. For insuring a deposit made on the day of a scam – an application for a bonus is also a prerequisite.
One of the mandatory conditions for receiving compensation is a comment about receiving a bonus (RCB) from our blog. Comment leave under the review article of the project for which you received a RCB.
Under the insurance, the amounts up to 250$ loss of one referral, i.e. if the referral’s loss is 500$, then the maximum is covered by 100$. This is done to ensure that the losses of large referrals do not spend most of the insurance fund and the insurance is evenly distributed between referrals. We recommend not to invest all funds in one project, remember to diversify. Example: the volume of the investment portfolio – 1000$, will optimally invest in 8-12 investment projects on 50-100$ each.

In conclusion, I want to wish you a high and stable income.

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