Contest Rules And Prizes

TOP 20 Most Active Members!

Be Active And Get Paid!

10 winners monthly!

[The next contest will End on December 31!]

(The cash prizes depend on user activity! The additional bonus depend on the site profits and can be increased until the end of the contest!)

Winners are determined on the basis of points, The members with most points will win the prizes.
Give more value with your comments and the rewards will grow every month!

At the beginning of each month will be awarded prizes to the TOP 10 users for activity participation in the blog over the past month.

How to Earn Points?

  1. Publish new reviews! – Earn 200 points ($0.20) Max. 5 reviews per day!
  2. Invite Friends! – Earn 100 points ($0.10) Max. 10 referrals per day!
  3. Write Comments! – Earn 20 points ($0.02) No Limits!
  4. Login to your account! – Earn 5 points ($0.005) Max. once per day!
  5. Refer a Friends! – 500 Points ($0.50) Max 10 unique referrals per day! (Do you have friends who work successfully and make money online? Invite them to join us and earn $0.50 For each active referal!) Carefully read the rules below to avoid get BANNED! (Traffic allowed from PPC Networks & Social Networks ONLY!) If you send low quality traffic such as PTC, TrafficExchangers etc your points will be deleted and your account banned!!
  6. Viewing a posts! – 1 point ($0.001) Max. 100 posts per day
  7. Clicking on Links (skiping Ads)! – 1 point ($0.001) Max. once per day!
  8. Viewing YouTube videos! – 60 points ($0.06) Every 60 seconds!


Before writing a comment, ask yourself the following questions: – Is my comment based on my experience with this site? Will my comment be useful/helpful to the people who are looking for reviews about this site?

For each approved comment you will earn +20 points($0.02)! For each SPAM comment will be removed -100 points($0.10)!
Meaningless, useless comments will also be considered as SPAM!!!

1)You must have a minimum of 30 comments to participate in the contest! We review each comment before it is approved, so write valuable comments!
Post your deposits and payment proofs, give your opinions based on your experience, share your earnings stats with the project, ask smart questions, help your collegues with answers, constructie criticism and suggestions for improving the work of the site are accepted! (Comments with 1 – 2 words like: scam,paying, good, very bad or similar, will be considered as SPAM!!!)

Each of your comments must be supported by evidence confirming its truth!

2) Never: Insult in any form, flood, referral links and references to projects that are not on the blog, as well as comments about the violation of the regulations without confirmation – will be deleted, so they can harm the project, and therefore also people’s who work in it.

3) We monitor the traffic coming through your referral links! When promoting your ref link, use ONLY quality sources of traffic, Allowed PPC ad Networks And Social Media!  Any cheat attempt and suspicious thing will block your account! 

4) When You Refer a Friend! – Invite only people who have some experience and make money online or they want to make money online and will be active! Your referral (friend) must be active and make 10 meaningful valuable comments by the end of the contest! Otherwise the points will be removed! The PTP and referral link will be active from the 1st to the 15th of each month, after that no points will be awarded for unique referrals!

The TOP 10 Members will receive real cash prizes equal to the points he has earned!

Instance Amount Limit
Points for new Post 200 Maximum 2 times per day
Points for Approved Comment 20 No limit
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