Daily Tasks

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Time to complete the tasks: 5 minutes!

One time tasks:

#1 One time task!Like our FACEBOOK PAGE and leave feedback with 5 stars! (Don’t leave feedback if you don’t understand how our system works!)

#2 One time task!Join Our VIP Facebook Group! And our VIP Telegram Group!

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Your daily tasks:

Daily tasks will be avaliable on 5th Jan 2021!

Step 1

Open SOA Monitor page hereĀ >>Ā Facebook

LikeĀ andĀ ShareĀ theĀ pinned post.Ā 

Click onĀ ShareĀ >>Ā Share in a group!

In the description above, write down some question or something that motivates people to see what it is. And add your affiliate link shortened with bit.ly

Make it natural and real not like a spammer!

Share the post in these 5 groups Make Money Online Groups:

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There are thousands of people in these groups and our future friends are certainly there. We just have to bring them to us!

Please, complete your task every day if you want a FREE membership!