Is Diversity-Fund Scam or Paying RevShare site?

Diversityfund is CLOSED! is a private crowdfunding and revenue sharing program, where your money works for you passively, created by Edmund Wells on 15.09.2016.

DFC invest your funds in various types of investment programs online advertising, forex, sport betting (up to 10 opportunities).

Also have their own crypto mining farm, they make very profitable sports bettings all this is shared on the site and the facebook group. You can join the facebook group here > Join DFC Facebook Group

More than 2000 members are joined the facebook group you can ask them and show their payment proofs and earnings reports.

Also They have a very helpful online support chat on the website.

DFC always diversify plan and act, then share all revenues made with members, and allows you to earn money without surfing and viewing ad banners.

What packages do they offer?

Diversity-Fund offers two packs.

Every Profit Pack contains some directory ad credits. You can use these credits for advertise your website and other online business at Directory Ads area.

DP25 – $25 Profit Pack Cost: $25 USD Your Returns: 120% Maximum Profit Packs: 20 Directory Ads Credit: 45
Repurchase: Yes, if you want No Need to Surf ads!

DP50 – $50 Profit PackCost: $50 USD Your Returns: 125% Maximum Profit Packs: 50 Directory Ads Credit: 100 Repurchase: Yes, if you want No Need to Surf ads.

To be able to buy DP50 packs you need have 20 active DP25 packs!

Diversity-Fund Club shares real profits made, long term and safe basis.

From 3 years to this moment the return is 5% – 6% per week.

Do they have a referral program?

Yes, DFC have the most lucrative affiliate program in the business and offer 8% commissions on all profit pack rentals of your personal referrals (1 level).

What other ways are there to earn from Diversity-Fund Club?

You can earn in 3 ways (If you do not have an active profit pack, you can not withdraw money):

– Business directory clicks – you will get $0.004 per ad view (one clicked ad credited once every day!)
– Rental Profit Packs – and earning a share from revenue when you rental a profit pack.
– Direct sales commissions – Promoting the Diversity-Fund Club Affiliate Program.

What payment processors they use and what are the withdrawal limits and fees?

Payment processors in DFC are Perfect Money, Payeer, BTC, ETC, LTC via Coinpayments

Perfect Money and bitcoin payins are instant – Payeer payin method is accepted manually after admin checking.

And every payouts are manual due to security reasons within 24-36 hours upon request.

Minimum Cashout for Perfect Money and Payeer is $5.00 and Maximum Cashout per day $300.00

Minimum cashout for bitcoin/ether wallet is $10

The withdrawal fee is 5% on all payment processors.


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Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

21 thoughts on “SCAM! – – Review Scam Or Paying?”

  1. Operation date: 24 Jul 2020 19:46
    Operation ID: 1092593925
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 18.80 $
    Comment: DFC payment to bh****

    From: P1027411493

  2. Dear DFC family, dear members,

    I would like to announce a change. We have been thinking a lot about how long the economic impact of the pandemic will be felt and what further measures need to be taken to keep the business going. We do not want to reduce the daily share, we do not want to reduce the withdrawal limit, we do not want to introduce a withdrawal once a week. What can be reduced then? We want all our members to have equal access to their money both those who have referrals and those who don’t. The main problem is that not only external payments but also internal package rentals have a commission effect and we cannot separate the two (because our script does not allow it). We also have to generate commissions but some elements of our portfolio have become uncertain (e.g. Sanzeprofit closed a few days ago). We are constantly looking for new opportunities but we have to be very careful because everything is uncertain. Meanwhile, many of our members are panicking out of their money, so there is no money left to invest. We build new investments from our reserves. The member accounts where hundreds of dollars have been lurking so far will be emptied soon and then we will be able to breathe a little. We just don’t understand why these people haven’t taken their money so far and why they had to wait to do so at the worst of times? For these reasons, we have temporarily reduced the amount of the commission to 1%. This will significantly reduce our burden and help us endure this most difficult period. The rise in the price of BTC gives us hope. The good news is that we manage to keep the weekly share above 3%.

    One more thing. A lot of people write a support ticket for completely basic things. Please read the FAQ before writing to us. We did this FAQ in such a detail that we didn’t have to answer for hours.

    Thank you for understanding.

    DFC management

  3. Operation date: 19 Apr 2020 00:43
    Operation ID: 1002914924
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 1.87 $
    Comment: Payment to user praveen3504 from!

    1. @praveen3504: I think you have put payment proof here by mistake:) Here is DFC not DI

  4. Operation date: 18 Apr 2020 21:53
    Operation ID: 1002802822
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 19.00 $
    Comment: DFC payment to praveen35

  5. Payment received from DFC

    Date: 06.04.2020 23:20:12
    ID: 991467044
    Details: P1019637894 → P10********
    Amount: 19.95 USD
    Comment: DFC payment to bh****

  6. Operation date: 18 Mar 2020 23:56
    Operation ID: 973625494
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 20.90 $
    Comment: DFC payment to praveen35

  7. received RCB
    Date: 10.03.2020 12:54:58
    ID: 966255897
    Details: P1018398537 → P10********
    Amount: 2.20 USD
    Comment: RCB From Your Deposit in DFC – Post this payment as comment under the project review to earn points

  8. Operation date: 27 Feb 2020 23:37
    Operation ID: 956974311
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 20.90 $
    Comment: DFC payment to praveen35

    From: P1019637894

  9. Date: 21.02.2020 00:10:10
    ID: 951439594
    Details: P1019637894 → P10********
    Amount: 9.50 USD
    Comment: DFC payment to bh****

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