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SCAM! Review of Is scam or paying?  

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Review of Is scam or paying?

Review of Is scam or paying?


In this post, I’m going to make a review of pyrobux (

Here is a summary of the most important information that most people are interested when looking for more info about is online Since: 12/02/2020

Pay per own click: upto $0.08

Pay per ref click: upto $0.02

Payment Processors: Payeer, coinpayments.

Minimum Withdrawal: $0.15

But you have to click 250 clicks (just for once) before being able to withdraw.

Rental referrals begin from 1.45 $ that gives you 5 rented referrals for a month..

Require you to click 11 ads daily to earn from your referrals clicks the next day.

Upgrades of

Return of investment rule:


What is


review of pyrobux: is a new “Paid To Click Site” where you can make money from your activity and mainly by viewing ads.

Here are all the possible ways which offers their users to make money:

1 - View Ads

2 - Direct Referrals

3 - Rent Referrals

4 - gambling game

5 - OfferWalls

6 - Tasks

7 - Contests


If you do not know what a PTC site is, you can read in detail here: “What is PTC site?

Is Scam or Legit? Is paying and paying well but yet we can not say it's legit.

My opinion about

I do not suggest working in a PTC with an upgraded account before making sure that it has paid more than 100 payments.

So if you want to invest remember to invest what you can afford to lose! is using a licensed script.


Feel free to share your opinion about in the comments below

Please, if you have experience with give your opinion and review.You can read other people's reviews about in the comments below.Also, if you have received a payment from please share it in the comments below.

By leaving comments and reviews of you help other people to know more about it.

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

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Posted : 17/06/2020 9:39 pm
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second payment

Posted : 17/06/2020 9:41 pm
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Posted : 27/06/2020 9:05 am
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i wasted my time there
brought refs
wasted money for refs and promoting
invested 20$ got 5$
i had
14$ in main balance and 6$ in purchase balance

then he made an update saying sorry i deleted your money you never lost here
worse than scam

I don't know why do we have to forgive every stupid who miss judgement
why our time and dignity are so cheap

after that he says sorry

Posted : 04/07/2020 1:08 pm
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I am with you Ayafi. I had a hot discussion with admin in his forum. He is shameless thing. He is just making responsible of all this crap to the ROI system which he once proudly fixed to make audience happy. He does not feel what is meaning of wasting time of free and other members. Now this worthless is pretending to run his platform as he is having mercy upon members and they will again start wasting time there. He is just stupid nut. 

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Posted : 05/07/2020 5:39 pm