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SCAM! Review - SCAM or LEGIT?

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Today I will review a new HYIP project by an experienced administrator. The name of the project is COINTERRA ( I will try to answer any questions you may be asking about COINTERRA, what has to offer, how it works, what you have to be aware of etc.


COINTERRA is a new high-risk investment project (HYIP) which offers a quick returns.  
99% of the HYIP projects pays the new investors from the first ones. In other words, they are just ponzi schemes!
Before join COINTERRA be sure to read all about HYIPs to avoid losing your hard earned money!
You can read in detail what a HYIP project is here.

Summary of the project COINTERRA

Website – Launch Date: 14/Jun/2021
👥 Aff. Program –  8% - 3% - 1% - 1% Plans: 108% after 10 days; 4.5% daily for 30 business days; 25% weekly for 6 weeks; 110% monthly for 2 months; 120% monthly for 3 months (all plans principal are included);
💵 Min Deposit – $25 RCB – 100% for VIP members!
💰 Min Cashout – $0.10 🛡 Insurance – NO!
Payment systems: PM, BTC,ETH,LTC,Tron ⏳ Payments Type – Manual (upto 48 hours!)

COINTERRA Pros and Cons


  • Experienced Admin!
  • Passive Income!

  • The site is HYIP (Ponzi and one day will stop pays)!
  • The design is not unique and used in many projects!
  • FREE SSL! = Risky transactions!

Is it worth investing in COINTERRA?

Honestly, no one can give you a 100% correct answer to this question! The previous project of COINTERRA admin was successful and paying more than 1 cycle. You can check the previous project here.
As you can see for yourself, the admin is experienced, and there is a chance to make a profit with this project.
I have personally invested $100 and I hope to make good profits. I don't like that he doesn't want to pay for SSL protection and uses a design that has been used many times before.
But anyway in my opinion, the first investors have a great chance to make some profits. Carefully consider whether you want to risk your money in this project. Because there is no guarantee that you will win. Past success does not guarantee future success.

If you want to join COINTERRA you can do it from HERE.
And request 90% RCB HERE.

Below you can see information and statuses from other blogs and monitors, as well as deposits and withdrawals reported by them. widget for

Feel free to share your opinion about COINTERRA in the comments below.
With each comment you earn points and at the end of the month you can win cash prizes!
More about the points contest can be found HERE.

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