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To avoid and not ruin your life as many people do in HYIPS and many similar projects, before registering and investing money on Read the full review!

Summary of the project

📅 Launch Date: 14/Dec/2020

Status: PAYING!

Website - 📊 Profits - 3% daily forever!
👥 Aff. Program - 5% - 1% - 1%  RCB - +5%
💵 Min Deposit - $20 🛡 Insurance - NO!
💰 Min Cashout - $1 ⏳ Payments Type - Instant!

Payment systems:

Social Channels:

Telegram Pros👍 and Cons👎

👍 Pros

  • Has a unique design and a Licensed GC Script!
  • Has a Telegram Group Chat!
  • Low minimum for Cash out $1!
  • Instant withdrawals!
  • Completely passive income!

👎 Cons

  • The site is HYIP and works on ponzi scheme (Which means will stop paying sooner or later)!
  • High minimum for deposit!
  • Low affiliate commissions!
  • Not very experienced admin!

Is this site a real company?

No, a simple HYIP site that works on a ponzi scheme and will soon stop paying when there are no new investors. Not experienced admins bankrupt very fast! If you don't know what HYIP is you can read here: ”What is HYIP?

Is it possible to make money from this site?

Yes, if the admin is experienced! Usually people who join first earn pretty good quick money. But there is no guarantee that with this site you will win if you invest first, because it is not known what the plan of the administrator is!

Also a lot of new poor people without any experience start their own hyip sites and go bankrupt from the very beginning and without giving profit to anyone.

How long will this site pay?

Sites with a return of 3% per day usually pay only for 1 to 2 months. Experienced admins who know how to advertise and have money for powerful advertising can pay up to 4 - 7 months! BUT As soon as the advertising stops and there are no new investors, the site goes bankrupt and soon stops paying because the funds in the payment processors of the project administrator decrease and he disappears with what is left.

My opinion about

The site has a similar name to the very popular and successful hip loantech. I think that only the name is the same, and the administrator takes advantage of the fact that loantech was successful and will attract investors. In my opinion, the life of loan-trade will be shorter, but I think it will last for at least one cycle.

Share your opinions and feedback about

Feel free to share your opinion from your personal experience with If you have invested in or received payment, or you have been deceived by them please share in the comments below I will be glad to read your opinions.
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Very fast scam and very Poor attempt to copy loantech as I tell in the review! Pays for 13 days and all people are in loss no one wins here!

Martin Krpan
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This one become SCAM too fast... I am losing faith in these projects 😥 

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