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Review of the NEW SCAM 

I will be very brief in this review for the new scam Be careful, the owner is a fraud. The site will not pay you a penny! It was created only to steal money from naive people!  This site is even worse than the ponzi scheme! In the ponzi scheme at least the first investors wins, but here in no one will win anything!

How the scam the people?

This scammer, like many others, spam in groups on forums by talking badly about some projects and leaving a link to their scam site.
In addition, they spam the people from the groups on Telegram Facebook where there are naive investors.

Does tecnieum pays or not?

No, they are fraudsters and do not pay anyone! If you happen to receive any payment, it will be to persuade you to make a large deposit. They are professional scammers, be careful not to go to this site at all!