Gokano is new GPT site online since 2013-01-02.

Instead of cash you earn points that you convert to different prizes.

You can earn points from different ways:

  • Log in daily and get your points by clicking GET DAILY GN – this way you can generate points once every 24 hours.
  • Invite your friends through INVITE FRIENDS tab
  • Perform daily missions from MISSIONS tab
  • Perform social missions from MISSIONS tab
  • Perform extra missions from MISSIONS tab

How many points will I receive for each task?

You will earn 1 GN for:

  • for inviting a member – 1GN
  • for daily log-ins and clicking GET DAILY GN – 1GN
  • for daily missions – 1GN or more
  • for social and extra missions – Differently

Members with GOLD MEMBER rank receive double the amount of points for each task!

To become Gold member need invite 30 people.

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