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Review of Hitsium.com

In this post I’m going to make a review of Hitsium (www.hitsium.com). Here I will just share my experience and opinion about Hitsium, What has to offer, how works,  what you have to be aware of, what the money earning opportunities are, and much more.

What Is Hitsium.com?

Hitsium.com is Revenue Share site, but perhaps it may soon be called a high-yield investment program (HYIP) If you don’t know what HYIP Is, be sure to read here 👉  What is HYIP?. This project is managed through bep, which are profit points that define how much return you will receive. Be sure to read all in this review otherwise you take a huge risk of losing a lot!

Summary of the Project Hitsium.com

📌 Website: – www.hitsium.com
📅  Launch Date: 19/09/2020🔘 Plans: $1 – 1540 Bep, $500 – 770.000 Bep
💴 Min Deposit: $1👥 Aff. Program: 10% for purchases – 5% view ad
💰 Min Withdraw: $8⌛ Payments Type – Manual
🏦 Payment Systems: Payeer, PM, Faucetpay (BTC)📥 Withdrawal Fee: 2%

🔎 Bep Groups

Adverts value user receives daily is based on Bep Group Level,
Each group receives the distribution according to the general results of the previous day. Ads value calculated by individual Bep level and overall previous day financial performance. A minimum fund distribution amount is in place if when previous day finances where low/non.

📌 Groups💎BEP Points📌 Percentage
# 15500,000,000+14%
# 1211,840,000+9%
# 102,960,000+7%
# 320,000+3.5%
# 11,500+2%

To start earning beps you must invest

Is it worth it to work with Hitsium?

As you already know, the site largely works on a poncho scheme, but part of the revenue comes from advertising sales. The site develops slowly and smoothly, which can lead to a longer life of the site. The only problem is the high profitability that will force the site to close after a while it could be months or years later, but it is a fact that it will happen. But you can still use the money for advertising even if the site stops paying.

Hitsium Pros And Cons

✔️ You get publicity by investing🔴 Not very stable plans
✔️ Experienced admin🔴 It does not have social networks
✔️ Compatible with mobile devices🔴 Ponzi Scheme (This means that one day will stop pays)
🔴 You must view ads daily to get earnings

My opinion about Hitsium.com

The site Is really simple and attractive. You don’t need to invest a lot to get profits, you can even earn through referrals and reinvest those profits in the same project. This administrator has already been seen in other projects such as lixium which was not very successful. Hitsium is paying at the moment, you just have to enter every day to see 8 ads and wait to reach the minimum. I don’t think it will be a very long project but keep in mind that this site is HYIP and can stop paying at any time.

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