NEW PTC sites list trust score index.

You must be wondering how we trust a new PTC site in our list very much and how we don’t trust one of the new PTC sites in our list.

I (as you see) add trust score for evey new site I add to the NEW PTC Sites list. But what are the indexes I use to increase or decrease this score for every site?
The answer is here:

1- Is the script licensed or not?

In my list trust score is higher for licensed PTC sites.

If someone is unable to pay for a script? is he going to pay others ?

Another thing is unlicensed sites are penetrated with bots and VPN’s

Meaning fake multiple accounts and fake clicks to advertiser’s ads.

Usually licensed scrit sites have a good trust score.

2- How unique is the theme of the site?

Our new PTC sites list trust score differs by this too similar to the previous section.
If someone is unable to pay for a good design? is he going to pay others ?
any  new ptc sites stole the theme of clixcare, like this one webhitsplus.

3- minimum cashout.

When I see a very low cashout minimum, I give a higher score because members will never spend long time to descover if a site is paying (even for a very short period) or not.

Knowing that most of PTC clickers are either young or poor members this means they don’t mind a small payment of 1 cent sometimes. So low cshout gets higher score in our list.

4- Reasonability of earnings.

When a PTC site gives you $0.07 or $0.08 USD cents daily for free,  this looks like a scam to me.

But, why?

Answer is easy; A PTC site is an earning chance for the owner you must consider that no one is giving charities here, imagine he has 1000 users, and each gaining $0.07 cents daily this  equals 70$ loss for him at least for 3 months which means by numbers: $0.07 x 1000 x 90 (days) = $6300

This is why I always say this site will never pay more than 2 months.

Our brains are found to think not to wish and dream.

5- Advertising prices.

Sometimes filthy scams give you good advertising prices, meaning you can use them to promote your PTP links. If you do not know what PTP site is you can read here: What is PTP (Paid To Promote)?

Here you can find a list of new PTP sites: “NEW PTP Sites
Here is the list with Paying PTP Sites: “NEW Paying PTP Sites

Here are the best and most profitable PTP sites: Reviews – Scam or Legit PTP? Reviews – Scam or Legit PTP?

6- The Support team!

Basically,  support team are the owner if he is not active in his site this means he will never be active anywhere else.

First thing, he must be active, second thing is he must be polite. Also he must speak English at least not very bad. If the support does not work and you do not receive a response, this is a very bad signal!

Now after 3 years of PTC experience I still make some mistakes.

Some sites look good at the beginning, some of them looks very ugly, but I am trying my best to be professional in giving you those trust scores trying to ease the pain of being scammed .

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