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How to be a successful PTC clicker?

Basically; paid to click is a great way of earning online, no matter what others may say…

So; I recommend PTC as a way of getting a passive income online, because of many factors:

  1. Тhe only field that has legit sites, paying for over than 11 years ..
  2.  Easiest to use because of the previous knowledge found in every earning online forum
  3. No need to invest in most of the sites
  4. Plenty of patient members working in these sites.

From all we said above we can will notice that there is a big opportunities of earning for us in PTC, and after years of experience I can give you these notes:

Do not invest in new sites

Because you will empty your wallets easy like this and you will be disappointed and you will leave soon.

Do not trust anyone or anything but logic

Many other monitors do not say the truth, but here we tell the truth that you can not be a millionaire from PTC, but it is going to give you funds which are part of the flow that may make you millionaires.

And many monitors and promotion sites give you false info to get referrals.

Other monitors think they are democrat and they give rating for the site according to members opinions who maybe fool to give false info or cheaters.

Also they give rating according to other factors like script and unworthy low payments.

Non licensed sites die fast

Many users use bots there and poor owners who can not buy licensed scripts are unable to pay others for sure.

Try to get direct referrals

Do not try to get them using stupid ways like spamming or lying on them because this way you will lose your reputation quickly and they will hate you..

If you are not experienced ask others

Feel free to ask questions here and in other forums..

Do not bee fooled with proofs

If you see large payments from someone, this means he invested or he has many direct referrals or that he is the owners friend or the owner himself…

Do not bee fooled with contests

Usually $1000 contest in a site means that it is 100% SCAM!

Check the pattern

Every human has a pattern in his acts scammers use the same patterns in every new stupid scam.

High paying sites may be scam

90% of the times it is like that..

Low paying sites may be scam

90% of the times it is like this..

when someone wants you to invest to get profit he must be famous and old and paid many people before like the legit sites.

Do not pay to be paid

They have to pay first.

At the end my best advice is

Do not be a slave…

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