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Joining our team you will save thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning and testing on products and services.

I have purchased almost all the existing courses from the best experts in the world. Most of them provide very useful information and knowledge at enormous abnormal prices from $2500+, but they hide the truth.

I will share with you the secrets that the most famous marketers and gurus in the world do not share. And I will not leave you after this, we will work together as a team all the time. You will meet other successful people in our team. And we all will work together.

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Based on all courses, books experience, knowledge and my ideas, tests and studies, I created a new unique system, which I think there is not yet similar in the world.

You are one of the first who will know about it. That’s why I have big surprises for you in the end.

I find a techniques that the greatest marketers do not know and not use. I also discovered some techniques in ad networks.

The huge businesses are also blinded and unable to see.

They only focus on how to make more money without help the people.

They don’t think about the customer, just think how to get customers money.
But we in the soa monitor we do exactly the opposite, we think for our custumers as part of us.

You don’t need to spend weeks, months learning all this, you’ll just use it, you’ll just follow the steps and you will learn from the experience with the time. Nothing can teach you better from the way which the life experience can teach you.

When you start making $10,000+ per month you will realize that actually $10,000 is not a lot of money and you can make a lot more.

There are too many scammers, gurus who just want to take your money.

Stop waste time and money in scam sites, and get-rich-quick wizards, sold their lifestyle and promised the world… FAILED to deliver any value.

Some of those guys are still around today. You might have seen them before.

If you’ve been tricked by someone over-promising and under-delivering…It’s NOT your fault.

These digital experts are masters at deception. They’ll use every trick in the book to take your money.

But when it comes to actually helping you? That’s when they screw you over. And put you right back where you started. Stuck, lost, and even more confused.

My goal today is to end this. People shouldn’t be stripped of their hard-earned money…Just because they’re eager to live a better life.


I know how unpleasant is when lose a lot of money in SCAM PTC, Revshare or Hyip site.

You invest money or time for working with that site and after few month it turns out that it no longer pays.

Every day you wonder how to start make money and get your losed money back, how to tie the 2 ends after so much losed money and time in this sites.

Then, you join a newly launched site that looks to be good investment opportunity and invest $500, withdraw $200 and the story repeats again, the site stop pays and you lose again.

Finally, you lose all your money and all goes into the wind…

Your anxiety is so great that you totally do not know what to do and cannot focus on your work.

And you are totally desperate and already thinking about giving up on all this. Because you don’t see an opportunity to make real money.

I totally understand all this because that’s exactly what happened to me in the distant 2011-2013.

In these years on huge losses and despair, I have discovered the secret of how to make pretty good money from these sites.

What is the secret of the success?

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal! If a person pursues a predetermined goal and knows where it is going, he has succeeded. If he doesn’t do it he’s a failure!

Do you want to be successful?

To be successful means to achieve what you want in your life, enjoy it and being happy.

To be no needed to do something you don’t love. To be no needed to get up in the morning, to go to the job you hate.

To have enough money to live the life you dream for. 

To have financial freedom.

When you go to the store, to not interested in the price of the products!

When you want something to get it without look the price. Because you have enought money for all you want.

Being able to afford healthy lifestyle.

And being healthy so you can enjoy the life.

Stop for a moment, take 5 min with a timer for visualisation.

Visualizing that you already have enough money for all things you want and you live the dream life.

You have enought money for all you want.

What would you do?

How will you live?

Imagine the life you want, feel it as you already own it.

Believe it. Feel it. Experience it in your mind.

You have to live and work as if you’ve already achieved this.

And soon you will see that you have achieved it and you are living a truly dreamy life.

You will find that it is not so difficult to make such amount of money per month.

You will be able to make a lot more money, everything will depend on you.

And how much you want it.

You have to want to succeed, like the way you want to breathe.

Look this truth, the man who believes that is easy to make money, he is right.
And a poor man who thinks it’s hard to make money, he is right too!

We are becoming in what we think!

If you believe you can, you really can. 

Think and look at yourself as a successful person.

If others can, you can also! 


What is the largest amount of money in the world?

The biggest amount of money is “enough money”!

You have to decide, how much money is enough money for you.

$10 000 per month? $100 000 per month? $1 000 000 per month or more?

You have to decide it now.

Set a goal and start working hard for it.

Only the people with goals succeed!

We live in a golden age, a time for which people have been waiting for, dreamed and worked for thousands of years.

We live in a time of abundant opportunity for everyone.

But what happen now, about 5% of the people hold 97% of the world’s money.

Of every 100 people, only 5 succeed.

Why 95% of the people not succeed?

Because we are conformists! People act like everyone else without knowing why or where they are going.

The problem is that most of us act as the wrong group. Those 95% who fail!

Who succeeds? Succeed only this person who declares: “I will achieve this” and begins to work for the realization of this ideal. Successful is this who pursues a predetermined goal. But only one from 20 people does it.

The key of the success is in the goals. Some of us have goals others do not have goals. People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It is so simple.

My story

In 2010, I started looking for ways to make money online and accidentally came across PTC sites.

I started to work with them, and I clicked on ads for cents every day.

I worked with about 40 PTC sites and I was making about $2 a day in total from all sites.

But the profits were too small so I decided to invite my friends to register through my ref links.

My friends also started working with PTC and clicked daily for cents.

I had about 20 referrals and most were my friends in life.

And after about 1 year of work clicking on ads for cents, I had raised about $700 total account balance in all PTC sites.

And I decide to request payments, it turned out that almost all the sites I work with no longer pay.

I only received money from Clixensense, Neobux, and few other ptc sites.

I lost one year to find out that 95% of these sites are scam and if they pay it will only be in a few months or a year!

I left the world of PTC sites desperate.

1 year later

In 2013, I started looking for ways to make money online passively.

Then I found the Revshare and Hyip sites.

They were so real in my eyes, I believed they were real companies that trade with our money and distribute profits.

I believed everything that was written on their sites.

Some of them were so good they had evidence that they were real companies. They made events that anyone could attend.

Everything was so real, I was ready to swear they were 100% legitimate companies.

Maybe some of you know them RecyClix, TrafficMonsoon, Futureadpro, Adhitprofits  paidverts later mypayingads,, theadsteam and many many more similar sites I have already forgotten their names.

I decided to invest everything I have $14 000

I thought in order to make good money I need had to invest a lot of money or wouldn’t make any money.

I have distributed the money in about 10 legit revshare and hyip sites (legit only in my eyes).

First I request some payments to be sure and check if they were 100% paying.

They paid me within a few hours, which calmed me and I started reinvesting everything I earned in them.

Until I achieved the desired daily profit I had set for myself for one good life and never work again for other and be my own boss.

It wasn’t long before I started making more than $350 per day from these sites, which was great and enough for me. I was in the seventh heaven.

I walked the road and felt like a millionaire.

They paid me whenever I wanted, that made me greedy and I started reinvesting all again.

Until one day, I decided to withdraw about $300 from one of the hyips. After a few days of waiting, the money was not transferred. 

I had $ 15,000 in this site investment capital from my reinvestment.

They not answer my support tickets.

I was devastated I didn’t know what happened, they were a real company.

The truth was they were just good hyip.

All the hyip sites I’ve invested had followed the same story all my money was stolen.

I was devastated that was all my savings …
I started looking for a way to get my money back.

I came across many sites that promised to back my money from hyips, but having to pay a $300 fee, all those sites was scam too!

Maybe the same ones who make hyips.
They took advantage of people’s desperation to steal more money.

I hated these Hyips so much…. I stayed with Revshare sites because I thought they were only real.

The owners of revshare made videos behind them, there were posters with the site logo talking about the site and the future of the site.

They had offices all was real and there was pictures and videos.

I continued to work with them a little more cautiously, but after 1 2 years of work, they all went bankrupt.

And at one point, nothing was left of my investment capital.

I started with $14,000 I made them about $70,000 and then come to zero $0

I failed with these programs because at that time I just didn’t know how these programs work.

I left the online business desperate and without money …

I started working outside my home country in England, United Kingdom.

As the old people say: Life is the best teacher first hits you then teaches you!

And in fact he is the best teacher.

You can’t succeed without losing first! It’s really painful but there’s no exception to that!

Some of the greatest and most successful people in the world have said:
“If you make no mistakes you will never succeed!

You must make 1000 mistakes before you see success!”

Either you learn from the mistakes of others or your own mistakes!

During this time at work, I studied and read books.

I started buying all kinds of marketing courses and personal development books from some of the most famous in the world (worth over $ 10,000+).

This is my hobby now, I always buy books and courses.

However all, I still suffered internally and wanted to back my money. That was a lot of money for me.

I was determined to get my money back from this fraudulent business.

I decided to start again, but this time I started with only $300 my marketing knowledge and my experience with this sites.

I found new risky but good paying sites which worth to promoting.

I started to spent about 7 – 8 hours per day searching the Internet for information about each site.

I did a full analysis of the traffic to the site, the statistics of the site whether it is real or not?

Where they advertise thir site. From where they get traffic?

Is their marketing strategy good?

The support system works well or not?

They are people who know how to manage a the site or a newbie who just wants to steal money?

Then I calculated what the odds were and how much time the site would be paying with this investment plans.

Based on current active users, money invested and money withdrawn.

I spend about 5-6 hours and more in analysis and calculations of how much time one good site would pay with this returns.
Based on current growth: traffic, new investors, and payments.

I made a free site with a free subdomain. And I started promoting good sites into something like landing pages made by me.

They weren’t looks very good, but I got referrals every day. For every 50 referrals there were 5 or 6 of which I had $10- $80 commissions from only one referral.

It was just awesome and unreal I couldn’t believe it. I started with only $300 advertising thanks to which I made about $1600+ in 2 months just from referral commissions.

I started investing this money in good PTC, RevShares and Hyips. Only risky sites as well. But after a very good analysis.

I started to earn pretty well my earnings were like this: $100 invested – money withdrawn: $230 $300 invested – money withdrawn: $ 570
Sometimes I was losing invested $100 cash withdrawal $ 40
But in the 90% of cases I win working with my strategy.

You can never know the goals of the site owner. Everything may be unique and stable, but he decides to shut down and disappear with the money.
I have won in more than 90% of the cases and still is.

My average net profit was about 20% – 30% monthly only from my investments.

I already knew the secret to getting referrals and the secret to working with these sites.  This is how the idea for this system was born.

I decided to make this site to help as many people as possible with my knowledge and experience in this business.

My goal is to help as much as posible people to avoid scams and not lose money.

I want to help those who have lost money like me get it back together.

Also to help those who have not yet lost to start working the right way, and to avoid wasting large sums of money like me.

You will get everything you need to get started.

The profits from my marketing strategy currently are about 30% – 500% average.

And the investment net profits from these sites are about 20% – 30%

I am currently developing a new system with which we will not lost anymore money on these sites.

Which will certainly increase the profits from them many times over.

Your success will depend on how much you want it and how much you are willing to give.

You will start work with all of us with our unique system, combining marketing with investments. 

But you will get access to a detailed explanation of the system only when you join our group.

We discuss together the steps and share our results in the group, there are only smart and successful people. We all work together like one. 

I made this system to be easy followed, so each of you does not have to study to read books, to complete courses, trainings, do tests etc.

Everything is automated and easy, even the most lazy can handle it.

Something for nothing.

There is no such thing as: “Something for nothing”.

Many people complain that they have no money to get started.

If you really don’t have the money you won’t be reading this right now. But you read it, this mean that you have a phone, or you have a laptop, you have internet, you have a house, you have a family, you have a job.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of money, but to have these things means you have money.

But the truth is that everyone is in the place they want to be or think they deserve to be.

If you are poor, this is your choice.

If you constantly complain that you have no money, and that others are to blame for this, the country, the city, the president, the trees, you will stay in the same place forever.

People blame circumstances and outward things, but the truth is that the fault is in ther mind! 

As I mentioned earlier:

“We are becoming in what we think!”

If you have wrong beliefs and convictions, then you are doomed to fail. 

We become what we believe we are.

The truth is that those who believes that is easy to make money, he is right.
And those who thinks it’s hard to make money, he is right too!

The people problem is that they just don’t think.

They don’t use their mind because it comes as standard part on our equipment for free.

The truth is that we don’t value the things we get for free. But we appreciate things that are cheap and worth money. 

The real wealth is in your mind. 

Nowadays it is so easy to earn for a living. No mind or talent is required to withstand a family. We have one basis called “safety” If you seek this. But we all have to decide how much above this plane to aim.

You must be prepared not to give up even after thousands of failures.

Let me ask you this: How many times have you tried to succeed in your life?
How many times have you failed, trying to succeed?

Do you know that, there are thousands of people who had nothing but now they are billionaires?

Some of these people started with $5 in their pockets without home without friends and had nothing to eat! Do you know Iggy kaneff?

You must be prepared to lose, to fail but never give up. Do not give up until you succeed! You have to find the strength to stand up every time life punch you.

I also started from scratch several times.

If you are afraid to take risks you will never succeeding.

I was 19 years old when I leave my home and went to Europe to work as a construction worker. After 1 year working I invest all and I lost all my money trying to succeed. I was without money. I continued to work and continued trying to succeed. I did not stop failing and losing money but I never gave up.

My life changed when I started buying courses and books.

I wanted to succeed the way I wanted to breathe!

I know that my success will helps many people. But my failure will not help anyone.

Now I am becoming more and more successful every day. I did not admit failure. For me, failure does not exist.

Remember the most important thing, God gives to those who gives and helps others. The giving hand will never be poor.

A few words about the marketing.

By joining our team you will learn how affiliate marketing works. How to work with good online programs. You will get access to create your own landing pages. And step by step tutorials how to create your first ad campaign. You will join our group where you will meet other successful people. Who are determined to succeed. The best part is that you will simply copy our advertising campaigns, which performs pretty well. We will work together for our mutual success. You will have access to a system you have never seen before.

You are welcome to join the group of successful people, those 5% who succeed.

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You will simply be part of the thousands who are simply registered in our forum and follow the sites launched daily, without really knowing how to make money online.


If you have read all this to the end. You are already achieved 50% of the succeed!

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