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Review of Latebux.com – Is Latebux.com scam or paying?

Today in this post, I’m going to make review of Latebux.com

Official Launch Date of Latebux is: 11.01.2020
Minimum withdrawal in Latebux is: $1USD.
Payment Processors are: Payeer, PM.

What contains this review:

  1. What Is Latebux.com– Is Latebux.comScam or Paying?
  2. How To Make Money In Latebux.com?
  3. What are the Payment processors and minimum withdrawal in Latebux.com.
  4. Is Latebux.com Scam or Paying Legitimate PTC Site?
  5. My opinion on Latebux.com

Read our review of Latebux.com to see what experts have to say about.

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atebux.com reviews

What Is Latebux.com– Is Latebux.com Scam or Paying?

Latebux.com is a new PTC (Paid To Click) site.

You can read the article “What is a PTC Site” from the right bar.

Official launch date onLatebux.com is 11-01-2020.

The script which Latebux.com use is Evolutionsstript not licensed!

Quite often, in new PTC sites like Latebux.com are posted false payment proofs.

To find out if Latebux.com really pays or not you need collect the minimum for withdrawal.

Or check the comments below this post for real payment proofs from Latebux.com.

If someone has already collected the minimum for withdrawal and has received payment from Latebux.com let share them in the comments below.

How To Make Money In Latebux.com?

All the ways to make money from Latebux.com are listed below:

  • Viewing ads upto $0,001 per click.
  • Refer people and earn upto $0,001 per direct referral click, require you to click 4 ads daily to earn from your referrals clicks the next day.
  • Rented Referrals upto $0,0001 per click.
  • ClixGride you can win upto $2 per click.
  • Point Contests with $400 prize which is absurd and this will make the site go bankrupt quickly.

What are the Payment processors and minimum withdrawal in Latebux.com.

You can make deposits and withdrawals in Latebux.com using Perfect MoneyPayeer.

Read here: The most commonly used payment methods on PTC, RevShare and Hyip sites and how to create accounts in them.

Minimum deposit in Latebux.com is $2 and minimum withdrawal is $1

All payments in Latebux.com are processed within 1-5 days.

In the image Below you can see a lot of the info about Latebux.com, withdrawal time frame, max rent and direct referrals, upgrade costs etc.

atebux.com reviews

Is Latebux.com Scam or Paying Legitimate PTC Site?

Fact is that Latebux.com use a non-licensed EvolutionScript proves that they are not legitimate.

This means that Latebux.com is a new fraudulent site created with stolen decoded EvolutionScript from scammer or person without any knowledge and experience.

I think that if Latebux.com pays will be for a month or 2 – 3 months maximum.

Usually, these owners have no idea how to manage such a business.

Most often, the PTC owners are ordinary people who working with PTC sites.

And after some time they decide to build their own PTC site.

But for the simple reason that they have no money pay for licensed script, they buy a stolen script from hackers who stole the script.

Latebux.com script uses an old version script and Latebux.com can be hacked very easily by bad people.

Also Latebux.com no have any SSL certificate and your data is not secure.

Without SSL the site is risky, if you make a deposit in Latebux.com, during the payment your payment processor data may be stolen.

My opinion on Latebux.com

I think Latebux.com will close fast. The Latebux.com owner does not promote Latebux.com and site growth is stagnant.

In Latebux.com there are no advertisers, or if have some advertisers they are only a few.

For the simple reason that Latebux.com offers poor quality advertising.

There is low quality advertising because majority use bots for clicking ads in Latebux.com

Note that bots basically works only in unlicensed scripts.

This is also one of reasons why Latebux.com will not survive for long.

Another bad point is no growth in members numbers on Latebux.com.

Most often these new PTC sites like Latebux.com works and pays for about 1 to 3 months.

Many people make money with these scam NEW PTC sites but for the simple reason that they have direct referrals, and used bots for viewing ads.

PTC sites which offer rent referrals and revshares packages don’t survive for long.

If you choose to work with Latebux.com you must work carefully.

The chances of getting paid from Latebux.com are small.

With the money collected in your Latebux.com account, is better to promote your PTP link from Rotate4all or other PTP sites.
In this way, you will at least get 100% paid from Rotate4all.

Check the List with Top PTP sites here<

Feel free to give your opinion and review of Latebux.com in the comments below.

You can read other people reviews about Latebux.com in the comments below.

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Rating: 1.8/5. From 2 votes. Show votes.
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