Review of – Is Scam or Legit?


Litecoinads is online since: 2019-04-10

Withdrawal methods: Payeer, Faucetpay and Walcrypt

Minimum withdrawal: 0.02000000 LTC (Payeer) 0.00250000 LTC (Faucetpay) 0.00000001 LTC (Walcrypt)

Referrals: Rented and Direct, with a percentage of earnings of 10% to 80%.

Withdrawal fee: 1.5% (Walcrypt), 2% (Faucetpay) and 3.5% (Payeer)

Membership: “Active” and “Premium” – double and triple click earnings, increase in the referral rental limit, more earnings on wall and Trafficgrid.

Earning modes: PTC, Shortlink, Faucet, Paid To View, captchas, OfferWalls, Video, TrafficGrid, Surf and AdPacks; Revenue Sharing, consists of buying advertising packages and with these packages you can promote a website, video, shortener or referral link that you choose, in addition to that you can earn 120% of the investment.

Entertainment: It has a section of Jackpots and dice game.

Contains a section for traffic exchange: Traffic exchange is a tool to exchange traffic between users, being able to recommend sites or even your website to other users to register or view it,
The money you earn in this section can only be used to advertise on the traffic exchange tab, it cannot be withdrawn or converted, it is only for the above mentioned.


It is a GPT in which we can win in many ways fractions of litecoin or litoshis.

Link To the Site Here 👉


This page, wherever you look, has very good comments and is highly recommended. It has many ways to generate profits and the minimum of withdrawal is reached quickly. It is a great option to generate without having to invest or take risks, and keep in mind that memberships are not mandatory to get a good profit

and remember…

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

8 thoughts on “ Reviews – SCAM or PAYING?”

  1. New

    • We have made a series of very drastic changes to the website due to many factors.
    • We start with the most important:
    • Adpacks: they have been eliminated as they worked badly
    • Currency system: will be shown in dollars
    • Multicurrency: option to withdraw in bitcoin litecoin and dogecoin
    • Prices have been adjusted based on other similar web pages
    • we have enabled a system of weekly and daily maximums to pay little by little and not pay everything at once
    • we have enabled a referral contest that will end on 1/2/2021

  2. Important!!  🤓 

    We have made some changes to the website and we explain them below
    Ptcs: we have reduced the compensation in all the mebresias due to the rise in litecoin the litecoin is above $ 100 but the gains in usd are the same

    Memberships: we have decided to remove the memberships for financial reasons, many bots buy the membership and refer themselves. we are designing a vip membership only for real members who are investors, they can still use the membership while it lasts anyway
    Advertisers: we will shortly adjust the prices of the ads based on the new system of the website in which 70% will be distributed to users plus 10% referrals
    hcaptcha claim: we removed this freature, hcaptcha pays very low to us and many bots,
    Withdraws: we have removed the automatic withdrawals, they will try to send once every day, if it does not arrive please wait up to 48 hours, we do this to be able to check the payments and see that they are legit

    Adpacks: this section has a functioning problem that I am not able to solve, I have hired a developer who is helping me solve it, even so we will make radical changes in the adpacks system

    Chat: we have removed the chat because many users said very negative things in it and it is harmful to the website

  3. New!!

    Litecoin price is now 105$ then we reduced a bit the rewards but at the change you earn more money

    we try to balance website,earnings VS spends, then in the next days we can do some changes,

    also the we are checking premium membership, while we solve some prebles premium membership is not avaliable to purchase, premium members still in premium

    also we increase the maximun number of rented referrals on free membership 


    We add new shortlimks for more rewards


    also we are working to implement new freatures and add some sustan to the website


    sorry for the inconvenience

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