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Is Scam or Paying Revevenue Share Site?

LFC is a new Revenue share site similar to DFC 

LFC is online since 27/09/2019 And officially Launched on October 10, 2019

To this moment the site have 100+ members registred.

LFC uses the member deposits to invest in a variety of online projects such as online betting, crypto-currency trading, HYIP sites, PTC sites, among others. The portfolio of investments and their results is public.

Minimum to invest is $10

There are 3 types of ad-packs:

Ad-pack plan 1: one pack cost $10 you can have max 25 active ad-packs.  1,2% daily return, Total ROI per pack is 110% for free members and 115% for V.I.P members.

Ad-pack plan 2: one pack cost $25 you can have max 30 active ad-packs.  1,2% daily return, Total ROI per pack is 120% for free members and 125% for V.I.P members. (You must have 25 active ad-packs from previous type ad-pack plan 1 to be able buy packs from this type)

Ad-pack plan 3: one pack cost $50 you can have max 60 active ad-packs.  1,2% daily return, Total ROI per pack is 125% for free members and 130% for V.I.P members. (You must have 30 active ad-packs from previous type ad-pack plan 1 to be able buy packs from this type)

To get daily profit you need surf 5 ads per day!

?The V.I.P Upgrade prices?

Payment Processors min/max withdrawal 

They accept: PerfectMoney, CointPayments

PerfectMoney withdrawals requests are instant. And BTC upto 24 hours.

The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is just $5, but for cryptocurrency is 10$.

No withdrawal fee is charged.

Affiliate Commissions

LFC have 3 level partner program:

– STANDARD membership commissions:
Adpack: 1st level – 4%, 2nd level – 2%, 3rd level – 1%
Banner Ad: 1st level – 1%, 2nd level – 0,5%, 3rd level – 0%
– VIP membership commissions:
Adpack: 1st level – 5%, 2nd level – 2%, 3rd level – 1%
Banner Ad: 1st level – 1,5%, 2nd level – 1%, 3rd level – 0,5%
What is LFC bucks?
It’s a virtual currency that you can convert to real dollar. 100 bucks = $1. How to get it?

– for deposit = 0.1% of deposited amount in bucks (example: $100 deposit = 10 bucks = $0.1)
– for new direct referral = 4 bucks
– for surf ad watching = 1 bucks / ad (only for Standard members)

How can you convert LFC bucks to dollars?

Click “Money” on the left menu, and then click to “Transfer”. Enter the amount and press the Transfer button.

What else can you do with the bucks?
You can send your bucks to your referral(s) or any other members. Transaction fee for sending LFC bucks is 10%. The fee for transfer is paid by recipient

Use our referral link to register and this will increase your earnings in the project by 2.8%. You can order a bonus immediately after creating a deposit

Be sure to check who is indicated by your invitation, as we only pay RCB to our referrals. Our username in the project is “SOAmonitor.

You can Join here ? JOIN NOW

Our RCB: 70%  Request RCB ?HERE?

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!

Please, share your opinion, payment proofs if you have, and rate it in the comments below to help people know more about it.

Leaving comments you will automatically participate in an activity contest in which we give cash prizes to the most active users every month!

Check here the top active members and the prizes ? Activity Contest

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22 thoughts on “ Review Scam or Paying Revshare?”

  1. Respected Sir
    This Website is very good to Surf and i surf in the morning 4:00 Am and i trust this website by now i have close to $3 and will go upto $15 and then place a withdrawal request and also when i receive my Payment i will definately Post in this forum .

  2. Not every admin would do this to come out and engage in discussions with ordinary users. You are a good honest admin. It is worth to invest in your site. Such admins are a rarity, a bow to you. If you overcome these difficult times, nothing will stop you afterwards. 

    1. @proinvestor
      Thanks. Lots of work, a lot of time, recalculation and consideration of options – that’s what I’ve been through for the last 40-50 days. I hope we are over the difficulties. I am sure that a bigger crisis than this can no longer come and the world is slowly recovering. The Lucrative-Fund will survive this ordeal.

  3. I am withdrawing earnings from this project as currently sanzeprofit which seemed to be legit project and scammed me. So i worried about this project also. So as soon as i reaches to min withdrawal limit 10$ , i withdraw it. I am planning to invest more if this project sustains this pandemic crisis in 2-3 months

    1. @gandhibhavinbgmail-com
      I just noticed that this forum is here. I’m the admin of the Lucrative-Fund.Bhavin, don’t worry. We seem to be over the hard. We managed to maintain stability and started increasing daily shares. You will already see this on the Dashboard.We’ve found some opportunities to help us generate more revenue. Signs and results of this will be visible within a month. Thank you for sticking by us during the crisis. We also stand by our members who honor us with their trust.

  4. Admin NEWS update:
    03.30.2020Dear members!
    The virus situation seems to be persistent, with further negative effects on the markets. We want to keep the LFC running so we can get through this period. We started 5 months ago and didn’t have enough time to build a reserve of the right size. Steps:1. Our portfolio is partially operational because we were NOT affected by the closing of Bitxtraffic, Adtokenz, Adfeedz, Adflow. Our portfolio is therefore still in operation but with lower performance. Therefore, it was necessary to reduce the daily profit.2. No one has purchased ad package from external source for a week. This is not necessary for LFC to operate because we have our own resources (the portfolio). However, the commissions paid on adpack purchases from the internal balance can no longer be covered. We do not want commission fees to disadvantage those who do not have referrals.  We have contacted the development team to change the commission system. Until the changeover occurs we will pay 1% commission on adpack purchases. If adpack purchases from an external source begin we will reinstate the commission for purchases from the internal balance.3. Similarly to DFC we reduce the daily withdrawal limit to $100 / day. There are very few full accounts in the LFC, so this measure will not cause any serious confusion.IMPORTANT: As you can see the withdrawals are ongoing even though no one is buying new ad packages. We have found some opportunities where we can strengthen our portfolio. If necessary I will use my own equity to ensure that the LFC continues to function. We will not let anyone lose their money. These measures are designed to help everyone get their money back together with profits (slower than expected).Let the turtle be with you!Nick
    My personal comment on this: I like how this admin operates. We all know what COVID-19 caused in the world and what happened to many businesses and I admire people running such projects (like LFC, MPT, DFC, Sanze and some other as well) who are realistic and COMMUNICATE with investors and tell them what is happening. This only makes me trust more in those projects. So I will keep my money in (no withdraw) and just hope everything comes out positive and with profits at the end. Panic would not do any good neither to me, neither to those programs! Be patient and do not panic.

  5. AS with many such projects like Lucrative Fund is, the worldwide crisis is affecting the business so they also announced that they will have to decrease the daily earnings in order for the project to survive the long term – here is the announcement from FaceBook group:”EXTRAORDINARY ANNOUNCEMENT!Hello members!
    The turtle retreats into its armor.Due to the COVID19 epidemic, our portfolio production has undergone significant changes. MyPassiveTrades has announced that it will cease all sales and disable ad package production. Diversity-Fund’s daily income declined by 40%. As two of the three strongest pillars in our portfolio (where we have $9800 investments in total) have experienced a severe decline, we are also forced to respond to changed circumstances.We could keep previous plans for a while but that would be an undue risk to the LFC’s long-term operation. We do not know how long the epidemic and the associated market uncertainty will last. We do not want to risk our members’ capital for not responding appropriately to market changes. We will not burn your money! We must accept that an emergency has occurred! And in an emergency extraordinary decisions have to be made!As a result, we are forced to reduce the daily redistribution by 40% for all packages. We hope that this measure will be sufficient for the LFC to survive the current period.We ask our dear members to understand the situation. It is not up to us to deal with the situation, we are suffering! Don’t worry about your capital! We will not stop, we will not disappear, payments will continue to be made (as before). We hope that stricter rules will no longer have to be introduced.Promise that once we return to normal market conditions we will return to previous levels of income. If MyPassiveTrades packages restart we can increase daily income as well. Thank you for your understanding! Stay with us!

    Have a nice day and the turtle be with you!

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