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Is Myadmagnet Scam or Paying RevShare?

Myadmagnet.com is a new Revenue Share Site.

Launch date: 07/01/2020

To this moment Myadmagnet have  more 160+ registered members.

Myadmagnet.com looks that have big marketing budget and good strategy for promoting.

Their banners are literally everywhere, in every PTC and Revenue Sharing site.

Ways to make money in MyAdMagnet

Revenue Share ad-packs.

 Each “advertising package” works for 30 days, maximum credited for each advertising package is 150%.

Ad-Pack 1 – cost $1  – Total 150% ROI –

Each $1 “advertising package” gives you 40 visits of your link/site.

Minimum deposit is $1.

Minimum top-up via PAYEER is $1, via PERFECT MONEY is $1, via ETHERIUM is $5,  via BITCOIN is $10.

To receive daily accrual after purchasing “AdPack”, you should view 15 10-second advertisements a day, in the “BONUS ADS” section of your account.

It takes less than 3 minutes a day!

The daily bonus accrual for the previous day occurs at 05:00 London time. Also, an ad update, which you should see within 24 hours, takes place at 05:00 London time.

If you do not watch the advertisement for one day, then you will not receive accrual for this day. This is a fully automated process.


– Payeer – $1, Perfect Money – $1, Etherium – $5, Bitcoin – $10.
To get withdrawal you need indicate amount without cents for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program in Myadmagnet.com

Referral Commission in 2 levels

1st Level – 8%

2nd Level – 2%

Use our referral links to register and this will increase your earnings in the project.

You can order a RCB bonus immediately after creating a deposit by ?this link.

You can join Myadmagnet Here ? JOIN NOW

Our RCB: 60%  Request RCB ?HERE?

Be sure to check who is indicated by your invitation to the site, as we only pay RCB to our referrals. Our USERNAME in the project is “SOAmonitor“.

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!

Please, share your opinion, payment proofs if you have, and rate it in the comments below to help people know more about it.

Leaving comments you will automatically participate in an activity contest in which we give cash prizes to the most active users every month!

Check here the top active members and the prizes ? Activity Contest

Rating: 3.0/5. From 3 votes. Show votes.
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66 thoughts on “SCAM – Myadmagnet.com Review Scam or Paying RevShare?”

  1. My investment started on 8.01.2020 $ 38.00 + on 10.01.2020 $ 59.00 for a total of $ 97.00 for a purchase of 97 AdPack.Now I have n.144 and I have had 2 withdrawals: the first one of $ 12.87 and the second one of $ 11.88.Every 3 consecutive days I buy adPack and after the following days I withdraw.Thank you all

  2. My second RCB received:
    + 0.96 USD
    Date: 11.01.2020 18:42:04
    ID: 922825741
    Details: P101839**** → P548****
    Amount: 0.96 USD
    Comment: RCB from your deposit in MyAdMagnet – SOA Monitor!

    Thank you!

  3. OK, perhaps there have been some glitch when submitting RCB form.And now RCB received:+ 0.96 USD Date: 10.01.2020 18:34:00ID: 922187997Details: P101839**** → P548****Amount: 0.96 USDComment: RCB from your deposit in MyAdMagnet – SOA Monitor!Thank you!

    1. Posted by: @miv1960

      OK, perhaps there have been some glitch when submitting RCB form.

      And now RCB received:

      + 0.96 USD
      Date: 10.01.2020 18:34:00
      ID: 922187997
      Details: P101839**** → P548****
      Amount: 0.96 USD
      Comment: RCB from your deposit in MyAdMagnet – SOA Monitor!

      Thank you!

      You are very welcome 🙂

    1. Posted by: @miv1960

      48 hours passed – no 60% RCB for my $20 Payeer deposit to MyAdMagnet project. 🙁
      My letters to support are not answered…

      Dear Sir / Madam
      You must fill out the form here:
      Otherwise, we cannot know that you have requested an RCB from us. We have not received your request. I will check that there is no problem in the RCB form. Thank you for letting us know. We will send you RCB immediately now. Thank you.

  4. Hello investors.

    Many partners confuse us with other systems that don’t work anymore.

    We have nothing to do with other systems!
    We built a very successful platform 4 years ago with 2 other admins from Germany. This platform worked without problems for 11 months, the name of the platform was “social BC myadpack”.

    Now we have developed our own system Myadmagnet.
    We have taken all the minus points into account and we can now work without problems over 24 months according to our calculations.

    Don’t listen to other people, everyone should use their heads to make money! Your sponsor can tell a lot because he makes money from you! We bought the template myadmagnet and our programming team changed it to suit us.

    Over 4000 registered users.
    Myadmagnet starts in 2 days, on January 8th.
    We are already looking forward to the start.

    Kind regards
    Team myadmagnet
    Admin: marcel merabelo

  5. Hello.

    The world has not seen that yet!


    The Biggest World PreLaunch has begun!

    ? We have developed a software algorithm that will delight our participants for many years!

    ? 150% in 30 days


    The MyAdMagnet platform will start on 08.01.2020.

    All information can be found on the website!
    You can build up a big team right up to the start to take advantage of it.

    Referral program 8% – 2%
    Earn 5% of the income of your partners.

    ? In the Cabinet under “Tool” you can find different banners and social media images that you can then distribute to your friends!

    We wish you good luck

    and Merry Christmas!

    team MyAdMagnet

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