Is scam or paying ptc site? is new PTC site launched on 19/10/2019

To this moment the site have more than 600 registred members.

Sign-up bonus is 0.25$ PB

Ways to make money in are:

  1. ViewAds  – 0.001$ to 0.02$ per own click.
  2. Direct Referrals 0.001$ to 0.01 per click.
  3. Rented Referrals

What payment processors they use and what are the withdrawal limits?

N1Adz accept Paypal, Payeer, BTC and PerfectMoney.

Minimum add fund amount is $5

Minimum withdrawal amount is $5

You can Join N1Adz here ? Join Now

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!

Please, share your opinion, payment proofs if you have, and rate it in the comments below to help people know more about it.

Leaving comments you will automatically participate in an activity contest in which we give cash prizes to the most active users every month!

Check here the top active members and the prizes  Activity Contest

11 thoughts on “CLOSED! Review – Scam or Paying PTC site?”

  1. Hello Dear Members,
    the #13 monthly Points Contest is active from now!
    Updated—(ends: 30rd November 2020 – 04:59:59 server time)—Updated

    Prizes up to #40 position:

    1 $35 Main balance
    2 $25 Main balance
    3 $20 Main balance
    4 $17.5 Main balance
    5 $15 Main balance
    6 $12.5 Main balance
    7 $10 Main balance
    8 $9 Main balance
    9 $8 Main balance
    10 $7 Main balance
    11 $6 Main balance
    12 $5 Main balance
    13 $4 Main balance
    14 $3 Main balance
    15 $2 Main balance
    16 $1.5 Main balance
    17 $1.5 Main balance
    18 $1 Main balance
    19 $1 Main balance
    20 $1 Main balance
    21 $0.75 Main balance
    22 $0.75 Main balance
    23 $0.75 Main balance
    24 $0.5 Main balance
    25 $0.5 Main balance
    26 $0.5 Main balance
    27 $0.25 Main balance and Purchase balance
    28 $0.25 Main balance and Purchase balance
    29 $0.25 Main balance and Purchase balance
    30 $0.25 Main balance and Purchase balance
    31 $0.25 Main balance
    32 $0.25 Main balance
    33 $0.25 Main balance
    34 $0.25 Main balance
    35 $0.25 Main balance
    36 $0.10 Main balance
    37 $0.10 Main balance
    38 $0.10 Main balance
    39 $0.10 Main balance
    40 $0.10 Main balance

    Points can be earned in this way:

    Standard members
    -Points per ptc click: 1
    -Points per grid click: 1
    -Points per direct referral: 20
    -Points for each 10 sites surfed on traffic exchange: 20
    -Points per dollar deposited: 100

    Premium members
    -Points per ptc click: 2
    -Points per grid click: 2
    -Points per direct referral: 40
    -Points for each 10 sites surfed on traffic exchange: 20
    -Points per dollar deposited: 200

    Points Contest will be active for 30 days (ends: 30rd November 2020 – 04:59:59 server time)
    Winners will be published when contest expires.

    Let’s start!

    I remind you that deposits with bitcoin and with coinpayments are not instantaneous (coinpayments and bitcoins except blockchain I have to add funds manually) so if you deposit funds with these processors you may not receive the points by the end of the contest.

  2. This site is not being fair to me. I signed up, replenished and soon after, my login details are no longer acceptable on the site.
    Very bad

  3. It´s a great Site. You can win a lot in the Clixgrid too. 
    And also if you are looking for a site to promote your PTP links this one has pretty cheap PTC ads: 10000 credits for $1.50. Haven´t tried their ads yet but I will do as soon as I have earned $1.5 on the site.

  4. to win the points contest 
    upgrade then buy ads whenever you deposit 1$ you get 200 points but after upgrading
    also you have to click all ads and grid and traffic exchange

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