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Neurobit.biz Start Date: 14/jul/2021

This project like good and i think this is worth to invest with small amounts. project have long term investment plans and unique design.

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Neurobit-biz Review
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wego-trade.io Start Date: 24/jul/2021

coming soon

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wego-trade-io Review
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Cloner.cc Start Date: 30/jul/2021

the team behind cloner project is so exprience and rich. the unique template texts and script abbove all EV SSL made me to believe this project will work minimum 30day

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Cloner-cc Review
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Car-company-ltd Start Date: 04/Apr/2021

In my opinion, this project is worth the attention because it has stable plan and experienced team running the project (same team as for Yacht Company).

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Car-Company-ltd Review
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CoinTerra Start Date: 14/Jun/2021

The admin of COINTERRA is experienced and I think will be paying for more than 1 + cycle.
If you decide to invest, don’t forget to invest as much as you can afford to lose! After all, it is just a HYIP and one day will stop pays!

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Yelzon Review
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Proxima 8 Start Date: 16/May/2021

In my opinion, Proxima 8 worth the attention, because the administrator is experienced.
It will certainly pay for a few cycles.  BUT After all, it is just HYIP! Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose! 

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proxima8.holdings Review
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ZetBull Launch Date: 22/Dec/2020

The official launch was on 16/May/2019 and was paying for 586 days. The restart and redesign on the site is on 22/Dec/2020 The administrator is experienced, he had several projects that paid for about 7-9 months and more than 10 cycles of investment! In my opinion, the site will be paying for about few cycles minimum! But it’s just my guess nothing is known! After all, it is just HYIP! Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

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ImpulsXpassive Launch Date: 23/Sep/2020

In my opinion, the site is worth the time and money. Investment plans are very stable! It has great potential to work for a few cycles without a problem in my opinion! I personally invested $1140!
I think it’s not worth a small investment! Because the profits are very small 2.5% per week! The team works honestly and transparently does not hide. They make live videos regularly!
But remember that like any investment it is risky! And you’re likely to lose, so don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose!

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ImpulsXpassive Review
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