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Review of offersbux.com Is offersbux.com scam or paying?


in this post, I’m going to make review of offersbux (offersbux.com).

Official launch date: 2018

Pay per own click: upto $0.001

Pay per ref click: upto $0.0002

Payment Processors: PayPal, Perfect Money, Payeer, AirTM, Coinbase Mail, AdvCash, Skrill, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Papara and Turkish Bank.

Minimum Withdrawal: no minimum just reach 1000 cashout points.

What are cashpoints:

Hello Dear Members,
In terms of clarity, I want to explain what is Cashout Points.

We are using Cashout Points to keep this site stable

You can earn money with lots of things and withdraw your money without the payment limit!

All you need to reach 1000 Cashout Points and request withdraw. You can easily get Cashout Points by clicking Bonus Ads and Offerwall Ads.

Each $0.0001 gain will give you 1 Cashout Point. If you click on a high-value ad, you can earn cashout points up to the ad value. For example, if you click $0.0025 value ad, you will earn 25 Cashout Points.

Note: Cashout Points can only be earned from Bonus Ads and Offerwall Ads.
1000 Cashout Points will reduce after each payment request.

No renting referrals option only direct ones.

require you to click 4 ads daily to earn from your referrals clicks the next day.

You can join offersbux.com here 👉 JOIN NOW

What is offersbux.com?

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offersbux.com is a new “Paid To Click Site” where you can make money from your activity and mainly by viewing ads.

Here are all the possible ways which offersbux.com offers their users to make money:

1 – View Ads

2 – Direct Referrals

3 – ClixGrid

4 – OfferWalls

5 – Tasks

6 – offerwalls contests

7 – PTP surfing and promoting

Payment processors min/max, withdrawal fees and restrictions in offersbux.com

Check out this page 👉 “ Most commonly used payment processors” to find out what are the most used payment processors on the PTC sites and how to create free accounts in them.


The minimum for withdrawal in offersbux.com is just  when you reach 1000 cashout points Payments are processed within 24 hours to 7 days.

Is offersbux.com Scam or Legit?

My opinion about offersbux.com

offerwalls are great option for earning in PTC sites. This sites pays 120% for offerwalls than any PTC site, Also it has a varity of offers more than any other PTC or even GPT sites (getting 1000 cashout points is much easy)

Advertising prices are too low you can advertise your l;inks and PTP links and it will be profitable for you.

And or Turks it pays via Turkish banks.

also it pays via PAYPAL

I give it 85% in quality scale.

Feel free to share your opinion about offersbux.com in the comments below

Please, if you have experience with offersbux.com give your opinion and review.You can read other people’s reviews about offersbux.com in the comments below.Also, if you have received a payment from offersbux.com please share it in the comments below.

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