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Review of oiltycoon.ru

In this post I’m going to make a review of oiltycoon.ru( www.oiltycoon.ru).
It is an economic gamer were you buy oil towers that collects oil then you sell oil and turn it to real money

If you don’t know what HYIP is, be sure to read here 👉”What is HYIP?

What does oiltycoon.ru offer?

Here is a summary of oiltycoon.ru:

📅 Launch Date: 28/Dec/2020
📊 Investment Plans: 1% daily for 110 days.
💰 Affiliate Commissions: 3%
💵 Minimum Deposit: 10 Ruble  
💲 Minimum withdrawals: 1 Ruble 
⏳ Payments are: Instant.

Payment Processors: PAYEER.

Pros👍 and Cons👎 Is it worth it to work with oiltycoon.ru?

👍 Pros:

  1. oiltycoon banner ads are in the many monitors, blogs and forums.
  2. Small investments is needed
  3. Completely passive income.You just need to log in to oiltycoon.ru and withdraw your profits.


  1. A new site with no reputation yet.
  2. All these games are risky investments.

Can I make money with oiltycoon.ru?

This site is another ponzi game it will reach a time were owner will start losing then he will stop paying or make a restart and a new season.

My opinion about oiltycoon.ru

I have invested 200 Rubles in it and bought 2 towers with them i will start buying the cheap ones whenever I can. Easy game to handle just buy towers and collect oil and sell it… I hope i will make some profits with it..

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