Is Oneadpack Scam or Paying Revenue Share site? is a new Revenue Share Site that will launch on 17/12/2019

To this moment 1700+ members are registred.

Ways to make money in


  • 1 AdPack cost $1.00
  • 100 GUARANTEED Visits
  •  You need visit 10 Sites per Day to Earn
  •  130% Profits in 30 Days
  • 2 levels Affiliate commission 7% – 3%

The minimum AdPack purchase is 1 ($1.00) and the maximum is 3000.
The maximum daily purchase is 100 AdPacks.

20% of your daily earnings and commissions will be put in a repurchase wallet that you can only use to repurchase AdPacks.

Payment Processors and minimum withdrawal

They accept Payeer, PerfectMoney, BTC, ETH, STP

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.00.


Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!

Please, share your opinion, payment proofs if you have, and rate it in the comments below to help people know more about it.

Leaving comments you will automatically participate in an activity contest in which we give cash prizes to the most active users every month!

Check here the top active members and the prizes Activity Contest

124 thoughts on “ Review Scam or Paying revshare?”

  1. PAYING:
    You just received 0.02867375 LTC ($4.84 USD) from an external Litecoin account. It may take up to 12 network confirmations before your Litecoin is available to trade

  2. Earnings are small and it takes a lot of time to gather enough ($5) to make a withdraw, but similar to other projects of this admin, it is paying.
    Without active ad-packs a person can earn $0.01 to 0.04 per day no more.

    1. still oneadpack pays to both free and paid members? I stopped watching it after stopped payment and my earnings disappeared.

      1. @gandhibhavinbgmail-com
        I am a free member (no membership). They gave us the value (difference between purchases and withdrawals) as compensation for this failed project.
        But it will take quite some time to get out all the money I invested in this project.
        If you are talking “free member” as a person who has not invested (not bought any packs), then NO, you cannot earn anymore with this project.

  3. Great News from Oneadpack today. They will soon be reopening again! Details below:
    Hello Luke,
    and thank you for your patience!
    After 2 months of lockdown due the coronavirus pandemic,we are ready to re-open OneAdPack.
    We had to do quite a few changes to the Adpack structure but
    we are now ready and the Test Phase will start on Sunday May 31st,2020.
    The crucial problem is that when big negative events happens,the collapse is instantaneous but the recovery requires generally much longerto happen, and it is clear that by offering a program with a fixed revenue in a fixed time, it become immediately unsustainable in such sudden situations.
    Our goal is to be prepared and, possibly, prevent the damages of a fluctuation of for example 70% in a day or less.
    The new Adpack will not give out a fixed daily ROI.It will be rewarding based on an index that consider the trends of Bitcoin, Wall Street, petroleum and gold mainly but not only.
    Also, there will not be a fixed expiring time and if somedays you forget to surf, you will not be economically affected.
    During the test phase, the maximum number of purchaseable Adpacks per person will be limited. We need to test the new system to be sure that works as expected.
    We have to be extremely prudent to avoid making mistakes.
    We’ll keep you updated so..stay tuned and get ready!
    The OAP Team

  4. Message from admin on 28.04.2020
    Hello Bhavin,

    As promised, today we have reopened CryptoJAMS.
    Due to the specific system of CJ there will be
    no limitations or changes of the old system.

    Today all the sites of the Network that were locked down
    on the 13th of March due to the Coronavirus pandemic
    have been reopened but OneAdPack.

    As we have already told you, OAP has a more rigid system
    but now that all the other sites have been successfully restarted,
    we will 100% concentrate on the OneAdPack site.

    So now is your time CryptoJAMSer;
    Just go start using the site and earn again!
    If you are not in CryptoJAMS, here is a link for you:

    All the Best,

  5. Latest News
    Admin Newsletter
    if you were not aware, at the beginning of march,due the coronavirus pandemic, we had to temporarilylock down some of our sites.
    Today, after successfully reopening Road21BTC and Weekly ICOthe latest weeks, we are going to re-open CryptoSurf.
    We have taken a prudential approach by limitating the maximum number ofpurchaseable Adshares per person. We had also to increase the numbersof necessary CST (CryptoSurf Tokens) to purchase an Adshareand other small changes that will be shortly added to our TOS.
    After CryptoSurf, CryptoJAMS will also follow shortly.
    On the above sites this has been possible because their rewardsystem allow us to define the risks and, after  a precautionallockdown, we have now estimated that reopening them is a relativelylow risk operation.
    For OneAdPack the situation is different as the system is different.While the above sites offered the ability to follow the cashflowof the sites and to share the profits adequately, OneAdPack is arigid system and the continous ups and downs of the market prevent usto treat it as a stable program; we need more time to re-open it
    With over 2 Millions of people affected by the Coronavirus andover 16 millions of people that  have lost their job in the US,5.2 million more Americans filed for unemployment this weekbringing the total to 22 million in 28 days.
    We cannot underestimate what is going on around us, expeciallybecause we are working is a very tiny niche of market thatis not a necessity at all.
    We have to be very prudent…
    All the Best,Mark ( OAP Owner )

    1. @orangecats
      This is not really an update, it is just an advertisement from the admin trying to get new signups for this new project, which even though it is advertised as a very good opportunity, to me it looks like standard high risk HYIP and with 3,6% daily, a one I will probably not join.
      To be very honest to me it looks like the admin is becoming desperate to get into projects to make him profit – and that is never a good sign.

  6. They´ve posted News again:

    “Hi All,

    After more than 10 days of the suspension of the activities of the site,
    the situation has definitely degenerated and the news from all over the World are
    absolutely not looking promising.

    This very moment does not allow us to make any forecast about the right time
    to restart the work at full throttle but it will not be a matter of days.

    The best forecasts talk about the end of May while the worst say the end of October.
    Our estimate must always be prudential and in the event of the worst scenario,
    keeping the money still for the whole period would actually mean an “Era”, considering
    the fast Internet paces.

    We have then decided to merge all the earnings under a single balance and to
    activate on it a saver program that will give the 6.75 yearly interests on
    a weekly basis.

    We are aware that this yearly 6.75% interests is a very conservative figure,
    but are confident to be able to maintain it at ease.

    In the member area we have also added the ability to buy advertising with part of
    your balance, in case you do not want to wait too long for our full activity to restart.
    You can buy advertising on OneAdPack it self and on our Network too.

    We are also examining the possibility to add an activity reward for all the members.

    Some of you may say that this was not the initial agreement but everyone know
    that our terms would have given us to introduce heavier restrictions without any possible
    dispute, but we have preferred, as always, to fight back the situation instead.

    Stay Tuned!

  7. Bitcoin is on the rise – it is closing the $7000 value again so the investors are becoming a bit more optimistic 😎 
    We recived a news update from admin of One Ad Pack – mr. Mark Dossier:

    This does not mean, that all his projects are running as previously again, but he is trying to restore the operation of the whole ad-network one project at a time. I keep my fingers crossed that One Ad Pack will be restored soon. There is still hope! Stay positive!

  8. admin has not given any timeline as per last message from dashboard. It may take 1 month ,2 month or more depends on market situation. I observed that only solo ads are working.

    1. @bhavin19
      Be realistic. How can ANYONE give any exact date? Do you know when this corona outbreak will be resolved? In my country (neighbour to Italy) it is getting worse day by day… First we had to start working from home, then we had to stop going out to any kind of gatherings, we are unable to go abroad / cross the border as there are many obstacles… I actually feel like we are in war time. 
      So I kind of understand the admins of such projects who are not willing to set a date of return, as at this point in time we actually really don’t have any answers – anyone! Remember we are still waiting for a cure to corona virus to be made…

  9. Still adpack purchase not started which was supposed to be started from today 19 March. . I think, will take more time. Hope for the best. 

      1. @aayafi
        I agree now, I am worried, BUT you must also take into account the current situation which is a new occurence, that has not happen in our short history neither with HYIP projects nor with other investment projects.
        So I still have a little hope, that the advertising network that Mark Dossier has built (more than 10 different projects) is not a thing one would just close up. I am pretty sure he makes a decent income with all these projects so he has a very big interest to make it work again. 
        But at least for me, in the current situation I expected this would happen with many projects, because even the real life business is suffering a lot right now. In my country certain businesses like for example “catering” and “restaurants”, “bars”, “pubs” have lost almost all business, people simply don’t want to risk going out for a meal or a drink so they stay at home and cook themselves…
        I am actually more surprised that some projects keep paying despite all this market turmoil, to me that only kind of shows, the difference between REAL earning projects which DO SUFFER from this crisis and FAKE earning projects which are actually PONZI / PYRAMID schemes and keep working normally. 

  10. Latest News from today:

    All the mods have been done and we were ready to re-start with them in place
    but in the last week something never seen before has happened..


    The Worldwide lockdown and recession due to the COVID-19 outbreak
    created an unprecedented situation never seen before in the whole World.

    Currently the whole world is in a standby mode that created fear
    in every single market, and bringing every Country into unbelievable before
    and incredibly unique conditions.

    Neither Crypto nor our Industry is different.


    Our own Industry has changed too.

    BTC plummed 60% while Coinbase locked our account, making
    impossible for us to use their exchange.

    Part of our capital was invested in online Investment sites.
    Many of them are still working fine and producing (smaller) returns
    to us. Returns that we used (together with our own sites) to pay you.

    A few of them, however have now either disappeared or locked withdrawals on their sites.

    You may know that we own a big advertising network that usually produce
    a decent influx of money and we are currently facing days with ZERO purchases.
    Part of our Network income was also dedicated to pay profits
    on our various sites such as this very one.

    All these VALID reasons constrain us to temporarily suspend
    all our revenue sites and halt earnings and withdrawals until
    this global situation resumes.

    We have always been transparent and honest with our members and
    a demonstration is that since the first problem on the site,
    we have not profited and locked not only withdrawals, but also
    purchases on OneAdPack.

    We want you to know how hard this decision has been, but it currently seems
    to the the only possible road to take.

    We do not know how long we will need to keep the site locked, we don’t know
    if this will take 1 month, 2 or more, but
    we want to tell all our members that when we will reopen we will take
    care of everyone as we have always done, starting from the members who are currently in the worst situation.

    We will keep you posted

    Stay Tuned!

  11. [img][/img]
    strong team with amazing Admin who stay with his name and not hide….Thanks

  12. It seems that admin of One Ad Pack (Mark Dossier) and his team are doing a re-haul of One Ad Pack, so we have to wait another week. Let’s hope they come back stronger and better.
    Since they have a wide network of projects, I really believe that this project has a future.

  13. Operation date: 13 Mar 2020 20:51
    Operation ID: 969282775
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 13.49 $
    Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  14. chandrakant badgujar

    Earnings not updating is there any problem with this site?
    did anyone received payment from this site recently?

  15. I have received my first payout from oneadpack on the 6th of march. This was before the coinbase issue. I made my deposit of $5 on the 4th of February and I made my seed money back now. So everything I am earning from now on will be pure profit.


  16. chandrakant badgujar

    Hi All,

    we regret to advise you that, for the second time, Coinbase
    have restricted our account.

    This is getting a BIG problem for two main reasons:

    1. The first time that our account restriction happened, Coinbase
    told us that they would have given us a list of blacklisted
    wallets to help us avoinding the payout to those wallets and
    compromise our account once more.
    Unfortunately after a few days they said that this was not possible
    for security reasons (privacy on a crypted hash wtf???) – so we do not have any list.

    2. This time Coinbase blocked our account because we were to send
    a Payout to a wallet that was paid from us, and with coinbase,
    already NINE TIMES – how could we predict this?
    We have paid thos wallet already NINE TIMES BUT now the same
    wallet is BLACKLISTED?..How can we work like this?

    You understand that the same may happen every day and Coinbase
    is NOT an OPTION anymore.

    We need to find a different payment option for good.

    Since we already know that the necessary time for coinbase
    to remove such restrictions is depending on the required tasks,
    but after providing them the necessary documents
    (we did it immediately) it should take between 5-7 business days,
    we will take advantage of this time to find a different processor.

    All this require time and, while our funds are locked
    we think it is better to suspend the activity of the site at the same time
    (Crypto move about 90% of the cashflow, we request patience from the other processors users).

    We will pay all the todays adpack visits (even if you do not surf)
    and then we will postpone all the adpacks for one week, we will disable also the purchases.

    We will get to you with updates within the week.

    All the Best!
    The OneAdPack Team

  17. chandrakant badgujar

    Hi all,

    We have finally got Coinbase account back and fully working last Wednsday.

    On this matter we would like to underline that the issue was caused by a single
    member with a Coinbase blocked Bitcoin address that has caused our account
    to require reverification. To be clear, anyone trying to send money to
    19VeTXqZNW6PEJkwRrPCjK1nXaF7PraXXX (partially hidden) Bitcoin address through coinbase will be blocked and
    coinbase will require reverification of the account.

    We will be very attentive in the future and to prevent this issue to happen
    again we will check each account to match the coinbase blocked accounts database.


    After the successful launch of Phase 2 we are now also in the process of searching
    a new payment processor that will be tested in the near future!

    We have reached and surpassed the 10000 Active members base and this is just Great!
    Now it’s time to promote even more to get to the 15000 members milestone..will you help us getting there?

    We are really glad to see such a great participation in this big
    OneAdPack project. Rest assured that together we will be doing
    always better!

    We are still very young, and if you are keen to promotion, promote
    your OneAdPack Referral URLs and make more money from your referrals!

    ….and the best has yet to come!

    All the best,

  18. chandrakant badgujar

    Hi All!The Coinbase issue has been sorted out.
    Full details in the next Admin news.
    The OneAdPack Team


  19. chandrakant badgujar

    Hi All!We are really glad to see such a great participation in this bigOneAdPack project. Rest assured that together we will be doingalways better!On Monday Coinbase has temporarily restricted the functionalityof our account so that we can’t currently use it to send out payments.As far as we know, the necessary time for coinbase to remove such restrictionsis depending on the required tasks, but after providing them the necessary documents(we did it immediately) it should take between 5-7 business days.As you know, we use coinbase to pay in crypto because their fees are smallercompared to others. For example, 10 dollars processed on coinbase will sendaprox $ 9.55 to your account while processed through coinpayments will send to youraccountt less than 7 Dollars.Our suggestion is to be patient and wait for the solution of the  coinbase procedure but,of course we do not want block cashouts so here below is what we will be doing forthis temporary period:1. we will implement the new cashout fees that will be $2.90 + 1.5%    (please note that $2.90 are aprox the coinpayment fixed fees.)2. we will send back the current requests of cashout so who will request new    cashout will be accepting the new fees.We hope to be able to get back to coinbase payment in the shortest possibletime and we will keep you informed on this matter.Promoting your Referral linksis free and can be very lucrative so it is a good idea to commit yourself to the 10Kas many other members are  sucessfullly doing.All the Best!The OneAdPack Team

  20. Latest News
    Phase Two Launch Today, Purchases Unlocked!

    Hi all,As already announced TODAY we are ready to increase the maximumdaily purchase of adpack to 500 and the overall maximum activeadpacks to 5000.

    This is the result of a healthy and continuos growth of OneAdPack thatbrought us to complete the first phase almost one month  in advance withreference to our expansion plan time.Phase two with increased daily and maximum purchase Has now  be put in placeand PURCHASES HAS BEEN ALREADY UNLOCKED!The success of OneAdPack is Unprecedented and the almost 10K memberships baseassure the balance and stability of the site.We will unlock always more levels everytime the stability of the siteallow this until the total  removal of the limits.We keep improving the site with the suggestionsreceived from the members, and probably on March you’ll see many newimprovement in place and running.We are still very young, and if you are keen to promotion, promoteyour OneAdPack Referral URLs and make more money from your referrals!….We’ll keep you posted!All the best,
    Mark ( OAP Owner )

  21. Date: 09.02.2020 19:32:53
    ID: 942553851
    Details: P1018448316 → P10********
    Amount: 9.55 USD
    Comment: bh******** OneAdPack Commissions

  22. Date: 24.01.2020 12:10:55
    ID: 931097522
    Details: P21066945 → P10*******
    Amount: 9.55 USD
    Comment: bh******** OneAdPack Commissions

  23. Latest News
    Approaching 10000 members – BIG news!

    Hi all,
    We are very proud to announce that we have achieved the phase 1 goals one month in advance.
    This was one of our most important milestones where we planned
    our phase 2 to be set in place. The success of OneAdPack is Unprecedented
    and the almost 10K memberships base assure the balance and stability of the site.
    Shortly we will increase the number of daily allowed Adpacks purchase and also the total of allowed active Adpacks for each account; we will do the same everytime the stability of the site allow this until the total removal of the limits.
    We are studying the way to improve the site with the suggestions received from the members, probably on March you’ll see all of them in place and running.
    We are still very young, and if you are keen to promotion, promote
    your OneAdPack Referral URLs and make more money from your referrals!
    ….and the best has yet to come!
    All the best,
    Mark ( OAP Owner )

  24. chandrakant badgujar

    We are very proud to announce that we have achieved the phase 1 goals one month in advance.

    This was one of our most important milestones where we planned
    our phase 2 to be set in place. The success of OneAdPack is Unprecedented
    and the almost 10K memberships base assure the balance and stability of the site.

    Shortly we will increase the number of daily allowed Adpacks purchase and also the total of allowed active Adpacks for each account; we will do the same everytime the stability of the site allow this until the total removal of the limits.

    We are studying the way to improve the site with the suggestions received from the members, probably on March you’ll see all of them in place and running.

    We are still very young, and if you are keen to promotion, promote
    your OneAdPack Referral URLs and make more money from your referrals!

    ….and the best has yet to come!

    All the best,

  25. I have deposited $18 and taken out $19.  I am in pure profit for the rest of my life on that site. As of today, Feb 10, I have 210 ad packs paid by compounding in the system.  It is easy, compound for 35 days, then accumulate 5 days, withdraw the pure profit, repeat every 40 days and you are sure to be happy as long as the site lasts.
    Want more?  Deposit more = more money for you.

  26. Operation date: 09 Feb 2020 19:24
    Operation ID: 942548096
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 12.51 $
    Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  27. This site is all about compounding your money.  It pays like it says it does.  I began with $18 on 25 Dec 2019, took out $19 on 29 January.  As of February 9, 2020, I am at 205 ad packs.  Pure profit for the life of the site.  Compounding is key to this one.  Take out money every 35 days and you will find that you will easily climb to over 1,000 in less than a year.
    Great site, paying like it should.

  28. Operation date: 06 Feb 2020 17:36
    Operation ID: 940332452
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 13.49 $
    Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  29. Operation date: 02 Feb 2020 09:50
    Operation ID: 937256475
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 9.55 $
    Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  30. Operation date: 27 Jan 2020 17:17
    Operation ID: 933315822
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 10.54 $
    Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  31. Operation date: 25 Jan 2020 10:06
    Operation ID: 931738760
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 11.52 $
    Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  32. Latest News Hi,as promised we have implemented the Vacation script.If you are not keen to surf/visit 10 sites a day, you can buy vacation days.The cost depends on your active adpacks and it cost between 5 and 15%of your earnings, depending on how many days you want to get Vacation Days for. We hope you will enjoy it!All the Best, Mark ( OAP Owner )

  33. Operation date: 20 Jan 2020 13:22Operation ID: 928539788Operation type: transferStatus: successCredited: 10.54 $Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  34. Operation date: 19 Jan 2020 10:47Operation ID: 927830841Operation type: transferStatus: successCredited: 14.49 $Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  35. Operation date: 18 Jan 2020 06:34Operation ID: 927091356Operation type: transferStatus: successCredited: 17.43 $Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  36. Operation date: 17 Jan 2020 18:42Operation ID: 926787463Operation type: transferStatus: successCredited: 20.39 $Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

  37. Operation date: 16 Jan 2020 11:49Operation ID: 925830259Operation type: transferStatus: successCredited: 20.39 $Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions

      1. @orangecatsThanks…. If you haven’t join… Join it through monitor…. Admin is good. So hopefully this project will run longer 

  38. Latest NewsHello Members,We wish you a Prosperous and Successful 2020!With your suggestions and our ideas we keep  implementing your OneAdPack Program.This is what we are doing for OAP right now:1. A new splash page to offer you always new and different    tools to promote your links.2. A vacation script so that, if needed you can stop   visiting websites for the desired period.3. Paid online solos. In order  to help those members   who cannot afford to buy new AdPacks with their money,   we are adding this script that pays for every visit   made.We have also to introduce a small withdrawal fee, since we havenoticed that Cryptocurrencies fluctuations and processors feesare fund drainers. As you know we do allow to pay in a way and withdrawin another, for example. There are exchange expenses anyway you put itand we do not want this to mine the stability of the site.We are always happy to offer our members the best tools andwe are sure that you appreciate our efforts to make thempart of a long run program such as OneAdPack.All the Best!The OAP Team

  39. 18.80 USDDate: 07.01.2020 11:26:46ID: 920017432Details: P21066945 → P……… Amount: 18.80 USDComment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions 

  40. Operation date: 06 Jan 2020 09:11Operation ID: 919354815Operation type: transferStatus: successCredited: 19.80 $Comment: praveen701 OneAdPack Commissions From: P21066945

  41. Message from oneadpack management :

    Hello Oneadpackers,

    OneAdPack is Really on Fire; Check our numbers on this page:

    We want to send you a BIG Thanks for helping us to reach
    such an enormous success of the whole OneAdPack community.

    You are doing REALLY GREAT!

    There are many members that know us and our programs and
    most of them already know how we tend to keep sites well balanced,
    striving for long terms and stability.

    We want to give to all our members the ability to reach their targets,
    no matter how big or small they are.

    We already told you (and demonstrated it to you!) that we listen to our
    Members, and now, following to our members suggestions, we have introduced
    some additional great improvements:

    1. On the referrals page you may now check where your referrals
    are coming from (from which site), so now you know which
    Advertising site works better for you!

    2. On the same Referrals page you may now sort your referals in any order,
    ascending or descending and for each field. So if you have a lot
    of referrals you can see – very easily – who is more active,
    who gets more referrals, who have the more adpacks etc..
    Very useful to see at a glance who is working in your group!

    3. We have set a soft cap for Adpack purchases at $1500. This Soft Cap
    doesn’t mean that you cannot buy more Adpack, but in fact
    you can still reach the hard cap of $3000 with your repurchases.
    This is also a great improvement that, without changing the nature of
    the program, it is aimed for the Long Term, and will help to
    keep OneAdPack extremely stable!

    We are always happy to offer our members the best tools and
    we are sure that you appreciate our efforts to make them
    part of a long run program such as OneAdPack.

    We take the opportunity for
    wishing you Happy New Year 2020!

    The OAP Team

  42. Latest NewsHello Members,We are now over 4000 Members. We are running so fast thata few hours ago we had to double the server bandwidth becauseof the so many requests generated by promotion and accesses!During these first Days we have received severaldifferent requests and suggestions from our Loayl Members.Some good, some bad..we have already started makingmodifications to some part of the script.1. some members who cannot afford to buy many adpacks   have requested to Lower the cashout treshold.   DONE   If you have less than 10 AdPacks you can cashout at $5.00   Otherwise the old $10.00 cashout treshold is still the same.2. A lot of members requested to give them a way to get   in touch with their downline. We did not want to give   out any email address for Privacy reasons so we are   working on a Referral Mass mailer. It’s almost done,   you will see a link on the referrals page within a couple   of Days.3. Christmas is at the door so we have created a wishful     Splash Page and Banner  4. For this Holidays period we have increased the credits   that everyone gets for surfing from 0.5 to 1 Credit!   Surf now and EARN DOUBLE Credits!That’s all for nowThe OneAdPack Team wish youMerry Christmas and Happy Holiday! 

  43. chandrakant badgujar

    OneAdPack Admin NewsletterHello Chandrakant,We are very Happy of the first 24 Hours ofOneAdPack “Life”!We were ready to face some glitches, and hopefullywe have them all fixed. If not we will fight them everyDay.Mobile users may now use the site in full.After having noticed that some members were havingproblems purchasing AdPacks, we have also decided tosimplify the main member page. Now it is easier foreveryone to select the desired number of AdPacks.Yes, also for Mobile users.. And YES, now the maximu dailyAdPacks that one can purchase has been finally set to 100.There is now a special Offer on Banners, just check ithere:*** Buy one get two special xmas promotion!!! ***We have alsmost finished another Splash page forpromoting OneAdPack. Here is the preview: the cashout have been paid.We hope that you are having Fun with OneAdPack!Let’s bring more people in, we are having FUN!All the best,Mark Dosier————————————————————– ————————————————————–This is an Admin communication from OneAdPack. You are receiving this because you are a member of OneAdPack.You can opt out of receiving emails from your account.OneAdPack TeamOneAdPack

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