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Is Oneadpack Scam or Paying Revenue Share site?

Oneadpack.com is a new Revenue Share Site that will launch on 17/12/2019

To this moment 1700+ members are registred.

Ways to make money in



  • 1 AdPack cost $1.00
  • 100 GUARANTEED Visits
  •  You need visit 10 Sites per Day to Earn
  •  130% Profits in 30 Days
  • 2 levels Affiliate commission 7% – 3%

The minimum AdPack purchase is 1 ($1.00) and the maximum is 3000.
The maximum daily purchase is 100 AdPacks.

20% of your daily earnings and commissions will be put in a repurchase wallet that you can only use to repurchase AdPacks.

Payment Processors and minimum withdrawal

They accept Payeer, PerfectMoney, BTC, ETH, STP

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.00.

Use our referral link to register in oneadpack.com and this will increase your earnings in the project by 5%. You can order a bonus immediately after creating a deposit by ? this link.

Be sure to check who is indicated by your invitation, as we only pay RCB to our referrals. Our username in the project is “SOAmonitor”.

You can join here  ?JOIN HERE?  To get 60% RCB

And Request RCB ?HERE?


Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!

Please, share your opinion, payment proofs if you have, and rate it in the comments below to help people know more about it.

Leaving comments you will automatically participate in an activity contest in which we give cash prizes to the most active users every month!

Check here the top active members and the prizes ? Activity Contest


Rating: 4.7/5. From 3 votes. Show votes.
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67 thoughts on “Oneadpack.com Review Scam or Paying revshare?”

  1. chandrakant badgujar

    OneAdPack Admin NewsletterHello Chandrakant,We are very Happy of the first 24 Hours ofOneAdPack “Life”!We were ready to face some glitches, and hopefullywe have them all fixed. If not we will fight them everyDay.Mobile users may now use the site in full.After having noticed that some members were havingproblems purchasing AdPacks, we have also decided tosimplify the main member page. Now it is easier foreveryone to select the desired number of AdPacks.Yes, also for Mobile users.. And YES, now the maximu dailyAdPacks that one can purchase has been finally set to 100.There is now a special Offer on Banners, just check ithere: https://oneadpack.com/members/buybanners.php*** Buy one get two special xmas promotion!!! ***We have alsmost finished another Splash page forpromoting OneAdPack. Here is the preview: https://oneadpack.com/s2.php?r=oneadpack19All the cashout have been paid.We hope that you are having Fun with OneAdPack!Let’s bring more people in, we are having FUN!All the best,Mark Dosier————————————————————– ————————————————————–This is an Admin communication from OneAdPack. You are receiving this because you are a member of OneAdPack.You can opt out of receiving emails from your account.OneAdPack TeamOneAdPack

  2. OrangeCats

    Latest NewsHello Members,We are now over 4000 Members. We are running so fast thata few hours ago we had to double the server bandwidth becauseof the so many requests generated by promotion and accesses!During these first Days we have received severaldifferent requests and suggestions from our Loayl Members.Some good, some bad..we have already started makingmodifications to some part of the script.1. some members who cannot afford to buy many adpacks   have requested to Lower the cashout treshold.   DONE   If you have less than 10 AdPacks you can cashout at $5.00   Otherwise the old $10.00 cashout treshold is still the same.2. A lot of members requested to give them a way to get   in touch with their downline. We did not want to give   out any email address for Privacy reasons so we are   working on a Referral Mass mailer. It’s almost done,   you will see a link on the referrals page within a couple   of Days.3. Christmas is at the door so we have created a wishful     Splash Page and Banner  4. For this Holidays period we have increased the credits   that everyone gets for surfing from 0.5 to 1 Credit!   Surf now and EARN DOUBLE Credits!That’s all for nowThe OneAdPack Team wish youMerry Christmas and Happy Holiday! 

  3. Bhavin Gandhi

    Message from oneadpack management :

    Hello Oneadpackers,

    OneAdPack is Really on Fire; Check our numbers on this page:

    We want to send you a BIG Thanks for helping us to reach
    such an enormous success of the whole OneAdPack community.

    You are doing REALLY GREAT!

    There are many members that know us and our programs and
    most of them already know how we tend to keep sites well balanced,
    striving for long terms and stability.

    We want to give to all our members the ability to reach their targets,
    no matter how big or small they are.

    We already told you (and demonstrated it to you!) that we listen to our
    Members, and now, following to our members suggestions, we have introduced
    some additional great improvements:

    1. On the referrals page you may now check where your referrals
    are coming from (from which site), so now you know which
    Advertising site works better for you!

    2. On the same Referrals page you may now sort your referals in any order,
    ascending or descending and for each field. So if you have a lot
    of referrals you can see – very easily – who is more active,
    who gets more referrals, who have the more adpacks etc..
    Very useful to see at a glance who is working in your group!

    3. We have set a soft cap for Adpack purchases at $1500. This Soft Cap
    doesn’t mean that you cannot buy more Adpack, but in fact
    you can still reach the hard cap of $3000 with your repurchases.
    This is also a great improvement that, without changing the nature of
    the program, it is aimed for the Long Term, and will help to
    keep OneAdPack extremely stable!

    We are always happy to offer our members the best tools and
    we are sure that you appreciate our efforts to make them
    part of a long run program such as OneAdPack.

    We take the opportunity for
    wishing you Happy New Year 2020!

    The OAP Team

  4. OrangeCats

    Latest NewsHello Members,We wish you a Prosperous and Successful 2020!With your suggestions and our ideas we keep  implementing your OneAdPack Program.This is what we are doing for OAP right now:1. A new splash page to offer you always new and different    tools to promote your links.2. A vacation script so that, if needed you can stop   visiting websites for the desired period.3. Paid online solos. In order  to help those members   who cannot afford to buy new AdPacks with their money,   we are adding this script that pays for every visit   made.We have also to introduce a small withdrawal fee, since we havenoticed that Cryptocurrencies fluctuations and processors feesare fund drainers. As you know we do allow to pay in a way and withdrawin another, for example. There are exchange expenses anyway you put itand we do not want this to mine the stability of the site.We are always happy to offer our members the best tools andwe are sure that you appreciate our efforts to make thempart of a long run program such as OneAdPack.All the Best!The OAP Team

  5. OrangeCats

    Latest NewsPaid Solo Ads and new SplashesHello Members,As promised, here are two additionalimplementation to our OneAdPack. Two new Splashes has been added to the Promotionaltools page: https://oneadpack.com/s4.php https://oneadpack.com/s5.php  We have also uploaded the Paid online solos script.You can visit it here: https://oneadpack.com/members/readsolos.php The  vacation script will be ready within next week too. All the Best!The OAP Team

  6. OrangeCats

    Latest News Hi,as promised we have implemented the Vacation script.If you are not keen to surf/visit 10 sites a day, you can buy vacation days.The cost depends on your active adpacks and it cost between 5 and 15%of your earnings, depending on how many days you want to get Vacation Days for. We hope you will enjoy it!All the Best, Mark ( OAP Owner )

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