Review of – Is Scam or Paying? is NOT PAYING PTC SITE!

Today in this post, I’m going to make review of paidclix

What contains this review:

  1. What Is paidclix
  2. How To Make Money In paidclix
  3. What are the Payment processors and minimum withdrawal in paidclix




What Is paidclix is a type of service which enables people to earn money by viewing advertisements, completing short tasks like surveys or by doing other simple work online. If you want to increase your horizons with the earnings part, then you can use their referral program.

There may be optional upgrades available, but just for your own safety always start with the minimum deposit amount and then scale it up if you find it useful and this rule applies for both users and advertisers.


How To Make Money In paidclix

You just have to register an account and confirm it. Once you are in the dashboard, all the available tasks will be presented to you. Click on the ones you like and after you finish the task, the corresponding rewards or balance will be credited to your account.

As soon as you have accumulated enough balance, you can withdraw it to your bank or other select withdrawal methods.


 Advertiser Benefits

If you own an online product or a service, then you can use this platform to get that initial traction you need. It is a great way to create awareness and reach a huge number of people in a pocket friendly manner.

The plans available are flexible which means you can tweak them to your likings and compared to other alternatives, this approach is the easiest one.Moreover, you can target the people from any geographical location. So, it is definitely something which might go a long way in helping you find targeted customers.

As far as cheating concerns go, this platform has built measures to identify them as soon as possible and it will be taken care of automatically which allows you to proceed with them confidently.

 Users Benefits

If you are looking at this platform from a user’s perspective, then this one won’t disappoint you. All the activities are accessible right from the dashboard and since you know the rewards for each and every one of them, you can choose which ones you want to participate in.

Don’t be looking to make huge bucks with them, but if you have some spare time to kill, then why not use it to make some money? Some surveys or task might take more than a few minutes. However, they always carry higher rewards. Availability of ads or tasks might differ from time to time.


What is the Payment Threshold?

The minimum payment threshold is around $2, transaction fees might be applicable depending upon the method of payment the user selects

Do They offer Affiliate Program?

Currently, they do not offer any affiliate program

How does the Withdrawal process function?

The desired amount will be credited to your preferred payment method in roughly 24 hours


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