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Review of Pidbux.com

PidBux is SCAM!

In this post, I will make review of Pidbux website (www.pibux.com) I will try to explain as best as possible how to generate profits, what pidbux has to offer, what you have to be aware of, and more.

What Is Pidbux.com?

Pidubux.com Is a Paid To Click Site (PTC) where you also have the opportunity to generate profits by investing in upgrade plans. Pidbux is sister-site of three other similar projects: Vuexybux, Imdbux, and Challengebux. (The same owner). In recent years they have restarted few times which I personally don’t like. The first investors on the site earn quite well while the last lose!
Their investment plans work on the principle of ponzi schmes, and only a small portion of revenue is generated from ad sales.

Summary of the Project Pidbux.com

πŸ“Œ Website – www.pidbux.com
πŸ“…  Launch Date: 29/01/2021πŸ”˜ Plans: 12% – 50% Monthly return!
πŸ’° Min Withdraw: 100 – 120 Coins ($0.10)πŸ‘₯ Ref. : 10% for ref ad click, 5% for ref deposits
βŒ› Payments Type: InstantπŸ’΄ Min Deposit: $0.1
🏦 Payment Systems: Payeer, PM, Faucetpay (BTC)🌞 Game Rate: 600 COINS = 6 RUB = 0.1 USD
Below are the plans price details returns etc.

How to Earn Money with Pitbux πŸ”

πŸ“ˆ Investment Plans

πŸ’‘ Earn Between 12% – 50% per month

πŸ’° Viewing Ads

πŸ’‘ Earn between 2.8 and 0.7 coins per ad view

🎁 Daily Bonus

πŸ’‘ You get a random amount of 1 to 60. After clicking on the banner

πŸ‘₯ Referrals

πŸ’‘ Per referral click 10% of the click value and 5% of the deposit


Pitbux currently has 3 memberships, each of them has several benefits from increasing earnings per click to earning more from your referrals

πŸ“Œ StandardπŸ’Ž Premiumβš™οΈ EliteπŸ’Ž FiveStar
πŸ• DurationLifetime30 days30 days360 days
β†˜οΈPer click100% 200%300%800%
πŸ“₯Ref. deposits5%10%15%40%
πŸ‘₯Referral click10%20%30%80%
πŸ’ΈPrice0 coins15000300002610000
Here you can see the details of some memberships. If you want to obtain some, it is your decision but it would be better if you invest in plans

Pitbux Pros And Cons

βœ”οΈ Passive and active incomeπŸ”΄ If you let the winnings accumulate, you can lose them
βœ”οΈ Honest and caring administratorπŸ”΄ It does not have social networks
βœ”οΈ Monthly Return Is Up To 50%πŸ”΄ The lowest plans leave low earnings
βœ”οΈ Affordable and profitable plansπŸ”΄ 90% work on Ponzi Scheme like other HYIPs!

πŸ“ NOTE: This is not a soamonitor link and you will not receive 100% RCB or additional bonuses! For 100% RCB you must be a VIP user and register from the list with monitored PAYING sites❗

My opinion about Pitbux.com

Pitbux Is a site, as already mentioned, The sister of several PTC projects. The most profitable earnings are in the investment plans, being able to obtain up to 50% of the investment per month. Since the profits are distributed 50% to the withdrawal balance and 50% to the purchase balance. Another problem is that the owner of the site ban the people who put more money and pays only the small investors and free members.

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