Review of Pmprofit ( is pmprofit scam or paying?

Today in this post, I’m going to make review of Pmprofit ( review: legit ptc site or another short span PTC site?

Is scam or paying ptc site?

Read our reviews to see what experts have to say about pmprofit.

You may have come across many sites on the internet promising you quick fortunes. But the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams.

In this review,  we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help you make the proper decision.

What Is Pmprofit - Is Paying? is a new PTC site. is online since 22-12-2019.

All ways to make money with Pmprofit are:

  • Viewing ads upto $0,005 per click.
  • Refer people and earn upto $0,002 per direct referral click, require you to click 4 ads daily to earn from your referrals clicks the next day.
  • Rented Referrals upto $0,002 per click.
  • ClixGride you can win upto $0.001 per click.
  • OfferWalls ads upto $0,005 per click. 
  • Head And Tail
  • Crack The Vault
  • Revenue Shares - 1 share cost $2 and give you $2,50 in 50 days, for each share you will receive also 5000 Banner Credits.

You can join Pmprofit Here ? JOIN NOW


What are the payment methods and what is the minimum for withdrawal?

You can make deposits and withdrawals in Pmprofit using Perfect Money.

Read here: The most commonly used payment methods on PTC, RevShare and Hyip sites and how to create accounts in them.

Minimum deposit is $0.50 and minimum withdrawal is $1.

Payments are processed within 24 hours to 7 days.

Members may request payment ONLY with the same payment processor as when they made their deposit. Scam Review: Disturbing Things Found

Though this site might appear legit to a newbie, but the truth is that it is a risky PTC site.

They offer ad packages that give a 125% return in 50 days.

And rented referrals that play almost the same role.
You rent one referral which in most cases is a bot for $0.30 a month and this referral brings you about $0.45 total in month.

It is designed in such a way to convince unsuspecting people.

The truth is that Pmprofit is a new copy of the daily launched ptc sites similar to GoldenadFlowerclixGoldclixOnedollarcent, probux and many more similar ptc sites that duped a lot of people few months ago.

This simply means, Pmprofit is like every other PTC site. It is a just a type of ponzi scheme.

So, initial investors only get paid when new people sign up and invest.

What this means is that you are under pressure to bring in new investors so that you will get paid.

As soon as the amount of new investor drops, the owners go away with the money invested.

Thus, the site is closed down since there is no longer enough money to pay initial investors.

Those that benefit most times are the first investors.

Pmprofit is unpredictable. We can’t tell what their next move would be. That being said, your money is always at risk, as they might decide to stop paying anytime.

Is a Scam or Legitimate PTC Site?

The truth is that even the longest paying PTC with this ROI would one day flop. The system is not sustainable.

More than 95% of newly launched PTC sites who offer similar ROI stop paying within a few months to 1 year.

Also mostly the ads in this sites are initially sponsored by the owners. Often, they promote their referral links from other sites. Because there are no advertisers.

These site offer low quality advertising at a high cost that is not real. This is why there are only few advertisers or not have any.

If you join now in the beginning there is a little more chance to making some money.

Whether you make money with this site depends on how the owners manage the site.

Website marketing communication with the members, etc.

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

Please, share your opinion, payment proofs if you have, and rate it in the comments below to help people know more about it.

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