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What do you get if you join our VIP RCB investors team?

  • ??You will always know first when a new good investment opportunity launches.??
  • You will get the best strategy for working with any site for minimal risk and maximum profit (We carefully analyze each program and calculate the fastest posible way to get your money back with max profit and min risk)
  • ?We will create a special investment portfolio for you to manage your investments! (All in the table is calculated automatically you just need add your deposits program name and cash outs) Each real investor must have such portfolio to manage the capital.?
  • Investment Insurance (If the site which we recommend you in VIP Area stop pays and you lose money we will cover your loses with our investment insurance fund!)
  • ?You will get 50% to 70% RCB (referral commissions back) immediately after your deposit?
  • ?? The most active members will win cash prizes every month, If you are just active in our monitor and post your payment proofs, post comments, ask questions etc. ??
  • ??You will receive a FREE VIP upgrade for 1 year in the monitor to create your own favorite pages, landing pages etc. Also VIP members will get access to a tab with strategies for working in each program. (cost $252 per year) All benefits from the VIP upgrade you can find in your account by clicking on the button “Upgrade”.??
  • We will help you to start investing smartly and have financial freedom!

This is only for serious people who want to make money with online investment programs (RevShares, Hyips, etc)

How to be part of the SOA monitor Investor RCB Team?

  1. You need to have a registered account in the monitor! (If you still don’t have an account, you can sign up here ? JOIN NOW
  2. The minimum investment capital to join VIP team is $500! (If you no have $500 investment capital we can help you to collect them first, just contact us in telegram here: https://t.me/soams94 )
  3. You must join only from our referral links in any site. Before join first check our monitor if the site not exist send it to us for analyse.
  4. Fill the form below ???  ✅
  5. And PM me in telegram here https://t.me/soams94 To add you in our group there!

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