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Rented Referrals Strategy

There is huge misunderstanding about rented referrals and also inexperience about how to successfully manage and make money with them.
On most PTC sites is written that rented referrals are new “unreferred” members. Those who didn’t use any referral link when they joined particular PTC sites.
Nobody can guarantee how well or bad they will click.
You can rent such referrals for period of 1 month and later, if they perform well, you can keep them for longer period of time.
But again, this is not true.

I will not come into the reasons why this is trying to be hidden but it is well known, public “secret” that rented referrals are in in reality bot clickers.

This is easy to understand with one closer look on their “not human behavior” performance.

Common, wildly spread mistake about rented referrals comes from wrong judgment about how well or more precisely how bad they perform.
But the truth is that big majority of clickers don’t understand how to successfully manage rented referrals.
It doesn’t give good results because it’s done on the wrong way.

How Things Are Working?

This is very simple and proven tested PTC strategy that anyone can follow in few basic steps. Small differences can apply from site to site.

1. You will have to upgrade. Renting referrals as free member is same as throwing money. You will never make profit as free member. Some general advice would be to monitor admin’s offers. On some special occasions you can get upgrades with 20% discount. Don’t rush and wait for some good opportunities. Yearly upgrades are always best possible deals so focus on them.

2. After upgrading you will rent first group of referrals for period of 30 days. For example 100 of them. This is part when most clickers make mistake. They are expecting from rented referrals to perform well enough to make some profit or at least to cover expense. As free member you will never be in profit and even as an upgraded not all referrals will cover their cost.

But ONLY in first 30 days!

3. Average performance and last click date are two most significant signs of how well one rented referral is clicking. Based on this 2 factors you will make decision is it worth to keep this rented referral for another period of time. When first 30 days is near to expire you will make selection of those rented referrals who performed well enough to be in small profit or at least that cover their own cost. This group of rented referrals you will keep and you will re-rent them. But this time not for 30 days but for longer period of time. It depend on how much you can invest but the more longer period of time you rent the bigger is discount you will get for long extensions and it goes up to 35% for 365 days renting.

Now, this is where your profit is.

In renting, selected, good quality referrals for long period of time with discount.

Necessary average performance that will cover their own cost will be significantly reduced and your profit will increase. Reinvesting initial investment is must and as long as you can reinvest your profit will progressively increase.

4. Over time some rented referrals will stop clicking and you will have to recycle those referrals.

5. When you built well selected active downline of rented referrals and extend them for long period of time you will be in profit and by reinvesting money your income can quickly become more serious.

For how long you have to click till results become more visible and you finally start making money with PTC sites?

Again, it depend on how much you can invest but to have some orientation range on your mind with an initial investment that would be about equal as cost of upgrade (for example $80 yearly upgrade and $50-$70 for renting purpose) we are talking about 6 months. This time would be required to build active, selected, good quality rented referrals downline of about 500 referrals and to expand them for longer period.

Extending this, already selected referrals on long terms with discount will make you profit. This is the key to success with PTC sites.

All you have to do later is to keep building your downline using same strategy. As long as you keep reinvesting the faster your profit will grow.

As you can see, all this require quite some time. With new PTC sites who comes and disappear daily, clickers can have impression that nowhere is safe to invest. That’s why we strongly suggest to consider our strictly trusted PTC sites list before making any decisions. We listed sites that have passed test of durability and that have good earning potential based on real business. You don’t need better than that. Use this PTC strategy, manage your referrals, be consistent, invest as you can afford and give it lot of time.

Once you try this strategy and it start giving back results you will love PTC sites.

Now when you are already upgraded and you are already in profit with rented referrals it would be good to get some direct referrals that comes as “cherry on top of the cake”.

They will never become primary source of income but they can significantly improve general performance.

Read more about how to get direct referrals and make even more money with PTC sites.


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