Review of – Is Scam or Legit?

Today in this post, I’m going to make review of

chedot-screenshot-1 Official start: 2013 Earn per visit: up to $0.0004 Minimum withdrawal: $5 USD. Payment Processors: Payeer, PM, SolidTrustPay,Bitcoin, Paddle,Skrill . Withdrawal: 2-7 Days after payment request.


How To Make Money In

  • Promoting your link up to $0,0004 per visit.
  • Refer people and earn up 20% credited for valid referral earnings from both PTP and SURF modules.
  • Link surfing.



Is it trusted?


Is paid to promote worthy?

Yes it is especially for those who work with Adpacks sites and PTC.

you can use credits you got from Scam PTC sites too .

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27 thoughts on “ Reviews – Scam or Legit PTP?”

  1. Additional

    Since overall activity has been decreasing lately we figured it’s time to bring back our beloved Activity contest. This time though we’ll give it a twist, by adding much bigger prizes and make it worthwhile for those hardcore promoters out there. Note that the PTP contest will run for at least 3 weeks from now and depending on the results, we may or may not make it permanent. So there will be 10 prizes each week, as follows:$50$25$10$6$5$4$3$2$1$0.5However

  2. NEW!!
    Due to some regulatory changes within Skrill, they’ve unilaterally decided to restrict all of our current funds to be sent only to users located outside EEA countries (EEA = European Economic Area). Skrill just decided that any funds obtained from around the world are not to be used in the EEA nor vice-versa. They say this is some necessary measure brought upon us due to Brexit.
    The good news, however is that it’s only temporary. We do not have an estimated time-frame yet but we’re working on a solution in re-funding our Skrill account with funds approved for the EEA (whatever that means… but we’ll consult with our local Shaman priest just to be on the safe-side).

      1. @aayafi
        I´ll keep that in mind. As long as they pay me I´ll continue using it though. Just using it with scam Ptc sites or ptc sites with cheap ad credits, but only from my earnings on these sites, so I don´t have much to lose. 

  3. They will suspend your account whenever you reach payout limit, or your account will be suspended automatically when you logged in more than one time a day.

  4. Do not listen to any proof here
    they selectively pay ad selectively suspend accounts
    the suspended my wife’s account after requesting a withdraw
    this is the account
    claiming that she used an auto exchange service
    they are liars and never replied the messages we sent to support
    another big thing
    they give 0.0004 $ for a unique visit but take a look at your account and you will find more than 25% of your visits are invalid and the truth is only 25% of your visits are counted so this is a big lie they only give you 0.0001 $ for your visits
    so scam or what i call worse than a scam

  5. @vipearn how to add ptc or ptp sites here. Where is the button to add legit and scam sites. I am trying to add scam and legit sites but failed.

    1. @abdull15

      I use credits from PTC sites, I don’t spend my money. This is additional profit from about $5 – $10 per month for me doing nothing.

        1. @abdull15
          I think it’s pretty hard to earn $5 a day in this site, but you can try it out by checking out the PTC Site section in the monitor. Some sites give free ad credits by signing up. You can then use those to create an ad with your Rotate4all link

  6. It has affected like the fall of bitcoin, a combination disastrous. It is only favorable for those who have referrals, who can now be at home earning 🤣 🤣 

  7. It is great that they also implemented the surf module for mobile devices, very useful for those who do not have a PC. 🤩 🤩 Besides there is a new payment method “Revolut”. The rates also changed leaving:
    Revolut processing fee = 2%, which consits of: 2% (funding costs) + 0% (sending fee)
    Skrill processing fee = 5%, which consits of: 4% (funding costs) + 1% (sending fee)
    Bitcoin processing fee ~ 10%, which consists of: 10% (funding costs) + variable network fee
    Perfectmoney processing fee = 15%, which consits of: 14.5% (funding costs) + 0.5% (sending fee)
    Payeer processing fee = 7%, which consits of: 6.5% (funding costs) + 0.5% (sending fee)
    Skrill and Revolut remain the only options available at this time, while Perfectmoney and Payeer will be available once again by the end of this week.

  8. Just wanted to let you know, that some days ago I tested out the Surf feature of Rotate4All using my Smartphone and clicked through 1250 Ads to earn $0.40. This took me about 4 hours. So my hourly rate would have been about $0.10, but I think I could have done it in less time because I was clicking on other PTC sites on another device at the same time. I am not going to do this anymore soon, but if you have enough free time and are trying to build some investment capital from zero this might be for you.
    Screenshot of my earnings for that day:

  9. According to their latest News post they temporarily suspended the payment processors Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer due to the recent Bitcoin Crash. So the only Payment method left right now is Skrill.
    Hope that Bitcoins price stabilizes again soon, so that they can enable the other payment processors again.

  10.                                                                                     ? ? Last pay received ? ? 

  11. This is one of the best known PTP (payment to promote). We will always see some “rotate4all” ad out there. They are really very honest, they do what they can for users to really see the ads. Its latest updates have favored users, increasing prices and incorporating levels where they can be generated more as it increases; Although they increased the visit time per ad, it is still a very good option to earn money because the visit is only 4 seconds. It is not very difficult to reach the minimum of withdrawal, but it is not easy either, and the good thing is that Most of the time, payments arrive before 24 hours

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