Is Scam or Paying Revenue Share Site?

SanzeProfit Is SCAM Ponzi Scheme!

The SanzeProfit is a new revenue share program, created by Antonino Lucchesi and his friends, and officially launches on 15.07.2019.

They claim to invest money from sanzeprofit in other revenue sharing programs also forex trading, crypto mining, sports betting and other.

On the official SanseProfit Facebook page, they say that soon will start posting proofs from their forex trading and sports betting profits.

Sanzeprofit announces that it will soon start investing in P2P and other similar investment opportunities.

What investment packages do they offer?

They offer 2 packages:

  1. Ruthenium starter pack cost $20 and maturity of each pack is 110% ROI  You can buy 30 of them at the most.
  2. Platinum intermediate pack cost $50 and maturity of each pack is 120% ROI You can buy 50 of them at the most but first you need to buy 30 Ruthenium packs to be able to buy Platinum packs!
  3. Rhodium advanced pack cost $100 and maturity of each pack is 130% ROI You can buy 80 of them at the most but first you need to buy 50 Platinum packs to be able to buy Rhodium packs!

Daily return to this moment is fixed 1% daily return.

Do they have a referral program?

Yes, SanzeProfit have a very profitable 5 level referral program.

Level-1     5% on profit pack purchase
Level-2     2% on profit pack purchase
Level-3     1% on profit pack purchase
Level-4     0.5% on profit pack purchase
Level-5     0.25% on profit pack purchase

You will be able to use your Commission Balance to buy profit packs or to withdraw funds. To do this, you just have to transfer your commission balance to your main balance.

What payment processors they use and what are the withdrawal limits and fees?

SanzeProfit payment processors are Perfect Money, Payeer, and crypto-based digital wallets (BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum etc.) through CoinPayments gateway.

Minimum cashout limit is $10 and have withdrawals fee of 5%. All withdrawals are made manually within 24-72 working hours.

Use our referral links to register and this will increase your earnings in the project. You can order a bonus immediately after creating a deposit by ? this link.

You can Join here ? Join Now

Be sure to check who is indicated by your invitation to the site, as we only pay RCB to our referrals. Our USERNAME in the project is “SOAmonitor”.

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!

Please, share your opinion, payment proofs if you have, and rate it in the comments below to help people know more about it.

Leaving comments you will automatically participate in an activity contest in which we give cash prizes to the most active users every month!

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19 thoughts on “SCAM! – Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. Got compensation for sanze

    Date: 20.04.2020 11:20:44
    ID: 1004178742
    Details: P1018398537 → P10********
    Amount: 17.00 USD
    Comment: Compensation SOA Monitor!

  2. @martinkrpan
    I also lost about 60$. Owner was looking so genuine and i was confident that he will not scam us. But he learnt a lession not to trust too much anybody.

    1. @gandhibhavinbgmail-com
      This is a SAD day. I lost quite a lot with this project and from the communications I’ve had with admin Antonino this really was not expected to happen. But yes the website is not on-line and he also archived the FaceBook group of Sanze, so yes pretty sure he scammed us all and run away with our money.
      I hate scammers! 😫 

  3. payment received from sanzeprofit
    Date: 03.04.2020 16:39:13
    ID: 988337121
    Details: P1013734267 → P10********
    Amount: 9.41 USD

  4. Received payment on same day within few hours.

    Operation date: 03 Apr 2020 16:39
    Operation ID: 988337121
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Credited: 9.41 $

    From: P1013734267

    1. @bhavin19
      Now I am sorry, that I wrote that revenue share if real will drop the daily % of profit share, because it drop SO MUCH 😒.
      Perhaps admin or someone of the team “Sanze” is reading this forum…

  5. In the current situation of corona virus , many programs have either scammed or stopped payment ,but sanze has not stopped earnings .Hope will go well .

    1. @bhavin19
      I am actually worried about that fact, because Sanze is a revenue share which makes money investing into other projects such as Diversity Fund, My Passive Trades,… So if they don’t announce to members the drop of profits, that seem a bit strange to me, since many other projects upon they depend have already announced the smaller earnings.
      But on the other hand, it is a revenue share – so one could interprete that it is normally implied that when their earnings drop they will also lower the earnings sharing (drop the %).
      From yesterday to today the earnings % has actually already dropped (for approximatelly 14%) so this might actually be the result of smaller earnings from other projects.

  6. Good project without any complain or followup for payment. Hope it will run long. I have started reinvesting after getting 50% ROI.

  7. For now SANZE profit did NOT announce the decrease of earnings due to worldwide crisis – here is their regular monthly update:
    Dear users,
    we started Sanze Profit website eight months ago, and we are happy to announce you that we are already more than 1800 users! And the good news is: we are at the beginning yet!

    In only eight months:
    -We reached 1879 users (at the moment);
    -345 of them, are/have been active investors;
    -We sold 4960 profit packs, and 1769 of them are already expired!;
    -We paid $ 31112.72 to our users (plus all the money users have now on their balance on the website).
    Please remember: we are always fully transparent. All the numbers you see on our website, are totally clear and true. We don’t show fake stats, like most of the other investment websites…
    We have an incredible referral program. On every profit packs purchase of a user you invited to join us, you have always a big bonus. Check our home page and the “How it works?” section, to understand how you can use your commission balance.
    That’s all for now, but please remember we are always here to help you, for any further information.
    Enjoy the profits guys!
    Sanze Profit”

  8. Date: 10.03.2020 12:57:24
    ID: 966257565
    Details: P1018398537 → P10********
    Amount: 1.20 USD
    Comment: RCB From Your Deposit in SanzeProfit – Post this payment as comment under the project review to earn points!

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