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A review of  Steroid.One an automated service (BOT)

for trading on Binance and Bitmex Exchange


In this post I’m going to make a review of Steroid.One BOT ( Steroid.One) for Binance and Bitmex Exchange. 

There are many different BOTS offering auto-trading on many different exchanges and I have tried and tested many of them. I estimate that 90% of bots that are available are not profitable.

So why do I think know Steroid.One is profitable and worth of your attention? Because this is not just a BOT you buy and then hope that the author will help you make a lot of money with it. With Steroid.One you actually don’t buy a BOT, you pay for a service. Authors of Steroid.One BOT only make money if you make profit, because they are paid a FEE from each successful trade and they get nothing from trades that end in loss. So they are tuning and upgrading the BOT service all the time so that it remains profitable. Therefore the incentive for authors of Steroid.One to keep the service profitable is huge.

Steroid.One BOT is friendly to the user, because user does not have to do anything (no set-up, no programming, no market manipulation knowledge). You just set the bot to work and it does everything for you. The only thing a user have to tell the bot is the following:

  • On which exchange you have the money with which the BOT will be trading (you can actually use BOT on both supported exchanges Binance and Bitmex)!
  • How much money are you going to use for the BOT to trade with.
  • What strategy do you want to use for trading (There are 3 strategies available: SAFE, BOOST and HARDCORE).
  • How much profit do you want the BOT to make (in total).

Steroid.One review

Facts about Steroid.One BOT:

Steroid.One review

Steroid.One review

Why Steroid.One BOT service is your best choice:

Steroid.One review

FREE TRIAL of Steroid.One BOT service: Get $20 to test the service for free!

Steroid.One review

You can join here >> JOIN NOW<< 

The Steroid.One BOT service trading strategies:

Steroid.one BOT service has 3 different trading strategies: SAFE, BOOST and HARDCORE. Each of these strategies has different risk for your money, but also bring different amount of profits.

Steroid.One review

Steroid.One review

Steroid.One review

Personally, I am using the BOOST strategy and I will probably not test my luck with HARDCORE as it seems too risky for me. But for people with weak heart the best choice is SAFE strategy.

The verdict for Steroid.One BOT service:

I have tested and tried a lot of different BOTs for all kind of trading. For FOREX trading, for CRYPTO trading, for STOCKS, for INDICES, for CFD contracts and even though there are good BOTS available on the market, the main problem I encountered with most bots is that they need to be constantly tuned up and their trading strategy upgraded according to current market conditions.

So if you get a bot (there are tons of FREE BOTS also available) you also need to know how to configure the BOT, to actually make it a profitable one. 99% of people have no idea how to configure the BOT to trade and make profit, so they end up being dissapointed and give up (usually they lose their deposit on the exchange and they just conclude that the BOT is BAD.

The truth is exactly the opposite. It’s not the BOT that is problematic (although some BOTS really are bad), it is the person using the BOT who is problematic, because they don’t have the knowledge how to configure the BOT according to current market conditions to work correctly (and make profit).

And here is where the Steroid.One has a big advantage over most of the BOTS on the market. Because you don’t buy a BOT, but you actually pay for the service with part of your profits, the authors of the Steroid.One BOT are paid to do what they know how to do.

They tune-up the BOT and upgrade it regularly and they keep track what is happening on the markets, therefore they always know when the BOT needs a strategy improvment. Trading in bullish market requires different approach then trading in bearish market!

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What is required to make profit with Steroid.One BOT service?

  1. You have to deposit money on one of the exchanges that are supported by the Steroid.One BOT service:

Steroid.One review   or  Steroid.One review

2. Minumum deposit depends of the TYPE of STRATEGY that you choose for your BOT to use (from $50 to $1000). Please refer to the STRATEGY section of this REVIEW.

3. Minimum withdrawal – no limitations! The money is always on your account on the exchange, the BOT is only allowed to trade with your money and cannot withdraw it. So have no fear! You can withdraw your money from the exchange according to Terms and Conditions of the exchange.

Can I lose money with Steroid.One BOT service?

Yes, you can! All trading bears a RISK! No person or service can predict with 100% accuracy what will happen on the market. 

BUT the Steroid.One BOT service can be SHUT OFF at any time you want.

You control the service so if you decide you no longer want to use the service you simply stop the BOT and that is it!

There are no hidden costs or additional charges, you only pay a fee if the BOT service makes a profitable trade! If the trade is not profitable you don’t pay any fee at all!

There are no traders that always make profit with trading. Any trader claiming to always make a profit is a liar! Losing some trades is part of trading so do not expect to win all the trades!

The important thing is that the strategy the BOT is using differentiates the RISK you bear with your money. So always consider this and do not be too greedy! It is better to earn $1 a day for 365 days than to earn $10 today only to lose $20 tomorrow!

Is Steroid.One SCAM or LEGIT?

Yes, the Steroid.One BOT service is 100% LEGIT!

This is just a service that is being provided to traders and the authors only earn money if you make a profitable trade.

It is not a ponzi scheme or MLM and you don’t have to recruit new members in order to make profit with this service.

You don’t have to pay any membership or any other costs. The only thing you pay is a fee from your profits. If you don’t profit there is not service charge!

What are other people’s opinions about Steroid.One BOT service?

In this thread you will see posted proof of profitable trades by people who are using this service.

Also there are other reviews of this service by respectable communities which you can access on the Steroid.One website:


Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing. 

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