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Review of  StroyBoom.site

In this post I’m going to make a review of new economic game StroyBoom (www.stroyboom.site). 📅 Launch Date: 02/Feb/2021  
Before joining this online money making game, read the full review! I will give you all the details about StroyBoomwhat StroyBoomhas to offer, how StroyBoom works, and what you have to be aware of.

What is StroyBoom?

StroyBoom is a new economic game in which you invest real money to buy houses in the game, and earn passive income every day. The game is HYIP and  is ponzi scheme! Initial investors in StroyBoom only get paid when new people sign up and invest. If you don’t know what HYIP is, you can read in details here 👉What is HYIP?” 

What does StroyBoom.site offer?

This game offers from 28% up to 43% monthly return for the highest level house. 📊 The daily return is divided into 70% in a balance that you can withdrawal to your payment processors and 30% in a balance of purchase that you can use to buy more houses or advertising in the site. 
They have PTC ads and free bonuses every 6, 12 and 24 hours. But the profits are very small. 
💵 The cheapest house costs only 10 RUB ($ 0.13) And give 28% return per month!
💲 Minimum withdrawal is just 1 Ruble ($0.013) And the Payments are Instant

StroyBoom Affiliate Program:
Also have an affiliate program 💰 that pays at 2 levels 6% – 2%.
They also offer a free way to make money for people who want to make money without investing. 
The percentages are not very high and if you do not know how to advertise to attract referrals you may be in loss.

Who is the owner of Stroyboom?

He is the owner of this economic game is Алиса Лебедева here is his VK profile: https://vk.com/lebedevaalia
She has a monitor for economic games, in addition she has about 7 economic games which she manages herself as you can see on the site. 
I can say that she is one of the few, maybe even the only one honest owner of economic games that I know (not personally) and shows his face to people working seamlessly and honestly with the people.

Is Stroyboom SCAM or LEGIT?

In my opinion, neither! The profits are quite high, but she manages to work and pay people without any problems.
This is a HYIP and it is not legitimate and it is not a real company. But somehow she makes everyone win all the time till now. In one of the games, things did not go well and she returned the money to the people. Nobody lost money. 
Maybe in addition on working on a ponzi scheme, she also shares revenue from her monitor and the side profits she makes from investments and advertising.

Is Stroyboom worth your time and money?

I think “YES” because the owner is a woman who has already proven to work honestly, does not hide like the other scammers. In addition, you can start with a very small amount of a few cents 10 RUB ($0.13)
And the profits are quite good from 28% to 43% per month, of which 70% you can withdraw to your payment processor, which is from 19.6% to 30% per month passive income! 


Pros and Cons


  • Trust and experienced owner!
  • Fast and kind support!
  • 100% transparency!
  • Low min for deposit 10 RUB ($0.13)!
  • Low min for cash out 1 RUB ($0.013)
  • Instant Payments!
  • Passive income from 19,6% – 30% per month!
  • You can ear for free!


  • Not mobile friendly!
  • The site is HYIP!
  • Low Affiliate Commissions!

Can I make money with stroyboom.site?

Yes, absolutely you can. You can earn by investing money or for free! 
Or by promoting and attracting referrals.
The chances of winning are quite good because the admin is honest and so far she always shows honest work and everyone wins in her previous games that still work and pays !

My opinion about stroyboom.site

I think this game is worth a try even for free, I made a deposit and I am happy to use this site.
If you do not want to invest money you can earn by viewing PTC ads also do not forget to click the bonus ads because they fill your purhcase balance and in this way you can buy houses for passive income.

I like topbest sites and I am one of their fans.
I recommend trying this site, you can join from my referral link and get RCB (part of the commission back to you).

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