The winners in March 2020!

Dear friends, the fourth activity contest is over!
The most active users in the monitor and also the winners in the fourth activity contest are:

#1 Martin Krpan : 19,685
#2 aayafi : 16,595
#3 praveen3504 : 15,381
#4 Fi7mas7er : 12,517
#5 chandrakant badgujar : 6,082
#6 Advange : 4,464
#7 Passive Tools : 4,293
#8 Bhavin Gandhi : 3,157
#9 cocco69 : 1,619

Congratulations to the winners,🎉🥳

I wish you success in the next contest!

The new competition starts today, the Winners will be announced on 01/05/2020

Next contest rules can be found here 👉 “Contest Rules And Prizes”


12 thoughts on “The winners in March 2020”

    1. I am new here. Kindly tell me when comtest starts and when it will be ended. How much I win if I have 5th position.

    1. I don’t know how to include in the contest. If I have 10,000 points then I will or if i spend most time on the site then I will? Any help here.

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