The winners of the first activity contest!

Dear friends, the first activity contest is over!

The most active users in the monitor and also the winners in the first contest in December are:

#1 yagmurtakimi – 444
#2 Rizwanchaudhary – 379
#3 Bhavin Gandhi – 245
#4 chandrakant badgujar – 229
#5 OrangeCats – 157
#6 YusArmali – 143

IMPORTANT: To get a prize, you need to send us your wallet number here: or by email here: [email protected]

And leave the comment below!

The new competition starts today, the Winners will be announced on 01/02/2020

The contest rules can be found here: Contest Rules And Prizes

14 thoughts on “The winners of the first activity contest!”

    1. chandrakant badgujar
      + 2.00 USD
      Date: 02.01.2020 09:22:31
      ID: 917102861
      Details: P———– → P———
      Amount: 2.00 USD
      Comment: You Win! You are #4 in our Activity Contest in Dec. 2019. – SOA Monitor!

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