Top (Old and Paying) HYIP Sites

In this ranking are only sites where there is a great chance to make some money! Because they are expected to work for many cycles because they are managed by experienced admins! However, there is no guarantee that you will make money! Nobody knows when they will stop paying, but at the moment they are working and paying without a problem!

 Online and “PAYING” Since 06/Oct/2013 (Maybe the oldest HYIP?!)
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Top #2 - impulsxpassive🥈

Online and “PAYING” Since 23/Sep/2020 
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Top #3 - 8bit🥈

Online and “PAYING” Since 19/Feb/2017 (One of the oldest HYIPs!)
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Online and “PAYING” Since 11/Jan/2020 
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Online and “PAYING” Since 22/Dec/2020 
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