Use Your Mind And Earn Money!

Send us idea and get paid from 500 Rub. to $1000 USD!

Everything is extremely simple but you have to think. And ask yourself questions. For each approved idea you will receive a minimum of 500 RUB! Really great ideas will receive big cash prizes, after applying the idea on the site you will get an additional bonus depending on how well it works. You need to explain your idea as clearly and precisely as possible, followed by an example! If two people send the same idea, the winner is the one who sent first or the one who explained the idea more clearly.
Everyone is unique and has unique ideas in general. To make it easier for you, we will help you with questions that may come up with brilliant ideas. Here are the questions:
1) How can we give our visitors a more enjoyable user experience on the site?
2) How can we add more value so that visitors become regular and active followers?
3) How can we give better results to advertisers?
4) How can we increase the site profits?
5) How we can attract more people to our VIP team?
6) How can we bring more referrals for authors who write reviews?

Submit your idea/ideas below:
(You will receive a response within 72 hours, if your idea is approved and added you will receive a cash prize!)