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Investing in online projects

We are a team of investors who are constantly looking for good investment opportunities for passive income!

We find and analyze good investment projects, then we create the best possible strategy for working for minimal risk and maximum profits! Using this strategies our currently passive investment income is 20% – 40% per month.

RCB (Referral Commissions Back). The people in our team sign up for this projects with our referral links only, so we get commissions, and then send 50% – 100% from the commissions back to them.


If you have lost your deposit, you are entitled to compensation for losses from SOA monitor.

When advertisers and investment project owners buy advertising from us, we share 90% of the profits as insurance for our VIP team!

We support and pay for any activity on SOA monitor FORUM. Write comments, share payment proofs, opinions, reviews and get paid!
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Brand New System That Almost NO-ONE Knows About Yet.
It Can Make you $20 – $920+ Per Day & Does All Of The Selling For You! I will Shows You How To Copy EXACTLY What I’m Doing (Step-By-Step)… In Minutes!

About 90% of people who try to make money with affiliate marketing fail miserably!

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