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This review is for the investment project avatar-game ( which starts on 23/Nov/2020!
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What is is a HYIP ponzi scheme! Which means that Initial investors in only get paid when new people sign up and invest. 
You can read in detail what HYIP ponzi schemes are here: “What is HYIP site?

Is paying?

NO! is currently NOT PAYING

What does offer?

The investment project offers a return on your investment starting from; 20% to 50% return per month and that’s forever!
In addition, they offer an affiliate commission on 2 levels of 8% 2%.

Is a real legitimate business?

Wow, what returns, you can become a millionaire or even a billionaire in no time, right?
Please stop dreaming and come to earth! If, after seeing what investment returns offers, you still wonder if is a real legitimate business.
That means, you are too naive and a completely newbie, with big luck to come here! The answer to this question is: NO! is not a real company! is just a HYIP game based on a ponzi scheme!


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