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This review is for the investment project ( which starts on 05/Apr/2020!In this review, I will answer all the questions you may have about, so you will not need to look for more information about elsewhere.

Is SCAM or Legit? is a SCAM! Not paying! This site is even worse than the ponzi schemes.
They at least pay for a while and the first investors earn quite well at the expense of the last ones.

How does the scam cheat and steal people’s money?

The owner of this scam joins groups of other investment programs and sends spam to everyone! 
And trying to strike up a conversation and explaining that he has invested in this site and is earning quite well. 
By sending false proofs of payment. They are usually in the order of thousands of dollars. Sends a referral link so you don’t suspect it’s the owner.
Once the victim invests money, he simply blocks you if you ask him why he cheated on you.
Quite often they make 5 – 10 fake telegram profiles, and even make groups where they write that this site pays very well and how rich they have become thanks to it.
I have quite a few acquaintances who have been deceived by similar sites, some of whom have lost over $30,000+

In this case, as you can see below from the screenshots trying to deceive me with false information.

If you have been deceived by this site please share your story in the comments below.

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