(Be careful and do not invest a penny in this scam!)

Nexustrades have fake statistics, also their site no have traffic! How do they deceive the people?

This scam started on 11/Sep/2020!

They have good-looking designs and statistics that show a large number of investors and invested funds. But these statistics are absolutely false!

Initially, in their statistics, they wrote that they have been online for 962 days, which is equal to about 2 years and 6 months.
But when we check when this domain was registered, it turns out that it was registered 2 months ago!

You can see this here:

We have received complaints about from our followers.

Today we received a report from our follower. For which we thank him very much. Because I hope with this review to help more people avoid this scam called!
We regret his loss and hope that after this review there will be no people who lost money there.

I will leave the letter he wrote to us directly and unadulterated:

I had started the business with nexus trades with 50$ they gave me 4$ on the second day they did not give me profit. I asked why profit is not being given they replied first bring referral then the profit will be given. I requested them that I am trying and I will try to bring but at least you release my profit. But they did not. after that requested them to return my investment I withdraw from my profit they also refused and they suspended my account now even I am unable to login. This real story of nexus trades I have snapshots of my discussion emails which prove that they are a scam.
I would request all be careful

These scammers usually use spam to promote their scams. Because if they try to advertise on a blog or monitor, everyone will show the truth about it, and the truth is that this is a big scam that does NOT PAY.

If you have been deceived by this site, please share your story in the comments below! Thank you.

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