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First of all.. An airdrop in Cambridge university dictionary is:

the act of bringing supplies or equipment by dropping them from aircraft

But in our case; And as it looks like to be:

that someone gives you supply of a currency whether it’s already been listed in the market or a new one for commercial purposes. Such as make it popular, make many people hold it in there wallets so it’s value rises or encourage people to deal with it or to encourage them to buy it in order to scam them later 

By the way cryptocurrencies are in Cambridge dictionary:

digital currency produced by a public networkrather than any government, that uses cryptography to make sure payments are sent and received safely:
cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin

In this category (airdrops) I will try to provide the best and the most honest ones that may give you an easy benefit….

I will always try to guide you how to use this airdrops and most of them are exchanges airdrops and market coins giveaways. also I will guide you how to make the verification that most of them ask for.

most of the new tokens are scams

Be aware of paying anything to get your airdrops this is a clear evidence of  fraud intentions…




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