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What is HYIP?​

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HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) are high risk programs created to deceiving investors.

98% + of HYIP programs are financial pyramids, very often they do not works with the invested money and not earn money, the profitability is provided from the new investors.

So, initial investors only get paid when new people sign up and invest in. Other options are possible, but mainly the HYIP investments programs works like that.

The investors are striving for high returns and are forced to put up with a no less high risk of losing money.

We cannot classify all HYIPs as frauds, there may be quite successful start-up projects that need investments at the initial stage, but there is no guarantee that the project will be successfully implemented in the future.

However, the classic financial pyramids are also the clearest example of HYIP investments.

At the core of their work is the principle of a common box office: all participants contribute, and then, as time passes, receive them back with interest. In this case, payments are first made at the expense of subsequent contributions.

It is worth noting that, according to the same principle, the pension system, banking services for depositors and other areas in which there is a gap in financial flows work in our country.
The main disadvantage of investing in “HYIP” is a big risk of losing your money, from which none of the participants in such projects is insured.

Now, almost everyone is sure that these investment programs are not real companies and perceive them more as a kind of game than a way of real earnings.

It should also be noted that skepticism is needed for all projects of this kind. After all, you can never be absolutely sure if the creators of this project want to deceive you or not.

The creators of each such project do not say directly that their investment program will be closed.

The desire of people to make money on the Internet makes them again and again to invest in deliberately failed projects.

Remember that almost all Hyips are based on the Ponzi scheme.

According to this scheme, the first investors are paid their promised interest at the expense of the funds contributed by the new investors.

The scheme, as you can see, is extremely simple.

It should be understood that truly reliable and decent HYIP always have detailed and high-quality reporting, a solid website, reputation and positive reviews from analysts.

Types of HYIP Programs

There are 4 types of HYIP projects:

1 – Low earnings.

2 – Average earnings.

3 – High earnings.

4 – Complete fraud (created only for stealing money)

Low earnings Hyip projects.

Low earnings Hyips are longest projects. HYIPs, charging up to 0,50% – 1,5% daily profit, can be paying for really long time.

Average earnings Hyip projects.

The second type, medium profits projects, brings its investor from 2,5% to 6% daily profits.

Medium-term projects bring the greatest profit to their investors and exist long enough.

The average life of such a hyip varies from 3 to 9 months.

Before you begin to invest in such projects, we recommend waiting for the first payments in it. Then after that you can invest.

High earnings Hyips Projects.

The third type consists of projects whose profitability exceeds 7% – 50% even 100% daily earnings. Such projects are more like a lottery.

The average life of such a hyip varies from no more than a few weeks or even days. With such projects, the chances of losing your money are huge. Despite the enormous risk, many people love them usually gambling personalities who mainly lose.

If you decide to take that risk you need to be careful and cautious. You need to carefully check your chosen project. 

Pay special attention to advertising, if it is built and carried out correctly, then you can invest.

Reinvesting is not recommended!

Complete fraud

There are also a lot of Hyip programs created only for stealing money they do not pay at all but they are online and everyday cheat the people.

The recognition on such SCAM “HYIP” is quite simple.

They have fake statistics fake number of investors, they often write that they have been online for 720+ days but the domain has been registered for 1 – 3 months, write that investors have invested millions etc. in some cases these numbers change every time you reload the page.

Sometimes their domain name is registered before many years, but once you check the traffic, they do not have any traffic! Also there is usually no information about their site on the internet! After you search for information/reviews about it in google there are simply no results.

These sites have almost no traffic. But they steal thousands of dollars from naive people every day. I have many friends who have lost over $30,000 in such fraudulent ones.

They mainly spam people regularly in Telegram and Facebook and other social networks, they join any group where there are investors who working with hyips.

Always use fake profiles with stolen pictures! I recently had the case to come across a scammer who had stolen a photo of a friend of mine. He introduced himself as another man who is cheated by a HYIP scammer.

They monitor these groups 24/7 and start spamming the victims, telling them that they are also investors and they have invested in the site and in order not to be suspected they are sending you some referral link and fake proof of payment!

They have a wonderful support that answers right away. They are fraud experts, and will make you believe in all they say in the chat. Believe me they are pretty good at stealing money this is their main job.

They are pretty stupid and if you’re a little more astute you will recognize them in seconds!

Nevertheless, such projects continue to exist, and people continue to invest in them. Why is this happening?

Because people are too lazy to read and be informed!

The desire of people to make money on the Internet makes them again and again invest in deliberately failed projects.

Let’s see if it is possible to make money on HYIP projects and how to do it.

👉 How to start making money in HYIPs?