What is HYIP?

Hyip (high yield investment programs) are high risk programs created to deceiving investors.

A lot of Hyip programs do not pay at all but they are online and everyday cheat the people.

Nevertheless, such projects continue to exist, and people continue to invest in them. Why is this happening?

Now, almost everyone is sure that these investment programs are not real and perceive them more as a kind of game than a way of real earnings.

It should also be noted that skepticism is needed for all projects of this kind. After all, you can never be absolutely sure if the creators of this project want to deceive you or not.

The creators of each such project do not say directly that their investment program will be closed.

The desire of people to make money on the Internet makes them again and again invest in deliberately failed projects.

Let's see if it is possible to make money on HYIP projects and how to do it.

How to make money with HYIPs?

To be able to make money in this industry, you need to follow special sites, blogs and forums.

Remember that all Hyips are based on the Ponzi scheme.

According to this scheme, the first investors are paid their promised interest at the expense of the funds contributed by the new investors.

The scheme, as you can see, is extremely simple.

There are 3 types of HYIP projects:

Low earnings.
Average earnings.
High earnings.

Low earnings Hyip projects.

Low earnings Hyips are longest projects. HYIPs, charging up to 1% - 1,5% daily profit, can be paying for really long time.

The basis of the most effective strategy is partial reinvesting.

This strategy is as follows:

In the begining is made a small deposit, the purpose of which is to check the performance of the project.

Next comes a topping up a larger amount. This is done while the project is actively earning popularity among investors.

After that you can start withdraw the profits until get your investment back to you.

Then you can reinvest 50% from the earnings and withdrawal the remain 50%

This strategy will allow you to minimize the loss of funds in the event of a project crash and increase the duration of the investment itself.

Some experienced investors prefer to use the so-called overclocking of the deposit.

Its essence lies in the fact that initially a fairly large amount is invested in the project (of course, at the moment of its most active growth among investors).

At the moment when the project reaches the maximum of its popularity, it is necessary to withdraw the amount of the initial deposit, leaving only the accrued profits in circulation.

Such a system allows you to protect the investor from the loss of capital, because he does not risk anything in the process, except for the money already earned.+

Thus, from low-interest HYIPs you can squeeze the maximum benefit with minimal risk.

Average earnings Hyip projects.

The second type, medium profits projects, brings its investor from 2,6% to 6% daily profits.

Medium-term projects bring the greatest profit to their investors and exist long enough.

The average life of such a hyip varies from 3 to 9 months.

Before you begin to invest in such projects, we recommend to wait for the first payments in it. After you can already invest.

However, in this case there are some subtleties. It is also recommended to divide your capital into several approximately equal parts, which you will later invest in different projects.

Such tactics will allow you not only to reduce the percentage of risk to a minimum. This will help you discover a project that really deserves attention and then reinvesting it.

High earnings Hyips Projects.

The third type consists of projects whose profitability exceeds 6.1% - 20% daily earnings. Such projects are more like a lottery.

There are no more than a few weeks or even days. It is better to invest in them at the very beginning, since they are experiencing only a few waves of new investors.

Again, you need to be careful and cautious. You need to carefully check your chosen project.

Pay special attention to advertising, if it is built and carried out correctly, then you can invest.

Reinvesting is not recommended!

Any of the above strategies can not guarantee one hundred percent positive result.

Experienced players in the field of investment prefer to use their own schemes and techniques.

Before investing, we advise you to spend some time on preparation. Study the history of such projects, their profitability, read reviews and comments, expert evaluations, study various strategies and, of course, select the one you like the most.

How to make Analyse:

There are several criteria that have developed among professional investors.

The success of a project, and therefore the profit you receive, depends largely on whether it meets these criteria or not.

Of course, no one can guarantee one hundred percent result, however, the more matches there are, the more chances you will receive a profit.

The main criteria include the following:

Whois check

Collecting the necessary information about a particular hype, first of all you need to find out who the project was registered to.

If a specific person is listed as the project owner, this only speaks in favor of this project.

Compare the information you received with the data that the owner specified during domain registration.

The minimum possible discrepancies mean the maximum chance of making a profit with this project.

Accounting statistics

Looking through the statistics, you need to consider not only the number of people who have made contributions.

It is also necessary to take into account how many hits were in the past 24 hours.

If you want to become a member of the HYIP that was created not so long ago, we recommend that you track the trend of its development.

A lot of fraudulent Hip sites have fake statistics you can recognize it right away.

View the dynamics of its growth, from the lowest to the highest.

Too many hosts for the past 24 hours should also alert you.

If there were few or no visitors over the past day - do not pay attention to this project, because this is a sure sign of its imminent failure.

Check the support services

Contact customer support for hyip clients. If you are quickly answered your question, it means that the project is working and you can count it in the "plus" of this project.

The same applies to contact numbers.

Testing opinions on specialized forums
This type of checks today is one of the most relevant and accurate. Of course, trusting all users in a row does not make sense.

You need to listen to the statements of only those users who argue their position.

Monnitor Sites
You can easily find sites that monitor HYIPs. If you use a special referral link, you will get the result expressed as a percentage.

HYIP project protection
HYIP may be subjected to DDOS attack. Such an attack could lead to the failure of the project. Therefore, the icon of protection against such attacks simply must be.

Estimate the cost

Analyze how much money was invested in the creation of the project.

The list of things to pay attention to, first of all, contains the following points:

The quality and uniqueness of the site design and related materials.

Whether paid scripts are used.

Assess the quality and uniqueness of the content that is used by this project.

Is there an advertising campaign and how well it is built.

These moments will help you to understand how seriously the creators approached the organization of this project and how high are your chances to make a profit by becoming a member.

Important Note

Even if the HYIP project has passed all stages of your verification, it cannot guarantee you a 100% positive result and a long period of existence of this project.

Guaranteed to make a profit can only creators of HYIP, remember this.

Explore the market, take part in trial projects, some of which allow you to do without investments.

After the understanding of the situation and self-confidence comes, you can begin to engage in investing sufficiently large amounts.

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